Friday, March 25, 2016

Adventures in the Forbidden Zone .. aka The Women's Dressing Room!

Well, that and I provide a remix as well! So, it's one and half new captions for your viewing pleasure!

Yes, it IS a new caption as I made it a few minutes ago for Tar, who gave me a really cool caption based off a recent post where I ask that people use "Dee Dee" as my name for bimbo, sissy and drag queen captions, as I tend to think of Dee as the female version of Damien, aka the person running this blog. One created by any permutation of Dee Dee would be a much different blog, I can tell you that!

So, I was pleased that she had read my recently updated preferences (damn, I should make sure I update the page here with them as well!) but decided to have fun with them. Now that I think about it, I'll post it here too.

I enjoyed the balancing act of Damien, Dee and Dee Dee .. which I think all of us that enjoy TG things probably have to walk that fine line as well. So it was very relate-able and thought a bit outside the box, where I could picture a world where the force of my will would create a female version of me .. yes I am that resolute and stubborn as all hell.

I was feeling in a good mood and wanted to trade back with Tar right away. In reading his preferences, I noticed the "entering the forbidden places as a male" highlight and thought about how I could actually incorporate a selfie and not feel like I was compromising the design, as selfies tend to be lesser quality, poor flash and color balance, etc ..

I had it that he was doing someone a favor, as originally done in my head, he was going to be doing a wedding dress fitting for someone that was quarantined and was getting married in two weeks. However, as I was writing it, I figured that Tar would want to permanently changed .. so I called an audible, and I am happy with the result. Not that I won't revisit the wedding gown thing in the future, but for this I was much happier trapping him in a new body .. and having the virus thing be a red herring to make Tess become a reality.

As to why I made a remix or the caption? Let me explain as told in the original posting:
I came upon the "remix" picture first, but due to the composition of how it was, and the other picture had a bit more to one of my plot points, I went with the 2nd picture for the caption. However, at the end, I figured I might as well do it with the first picture as well and a text adjustment. It's your choice as to which one you like better. 
I am guessing most will go with the remix because .. bigger tits. YRMV
So, this remix picture influenced the beginnings of the story, but as I moved along, the second picture fit better into the story I was trying to tell, so I went with it. However, I didn't want to just throw out the first one, and just figured I could resize it to almost the same as the first, and just change the words to fit the model. Hell, many women I know that are top heavy wish they had smaller busts, so that might even be more in tune with what a woman would actually say. Who am I kidding? No woman is ever truly happy about her body, wishing the larger parts smaller, and vice versa!

I also like the color gradient from blue to red to pink, which also match outfits in the dressing room. The way the first caption was composed, it looked better to go from red to pink to blue, which is the direct opposite direction that her change happened.

Last question would probably be, "why didn't you use a naked girl in the caption? There are a ton of those types of pictures on the internet!" Well, dear questioning reader, Tar preferences include "not a fan of nudity." and the better answer is, "why would she be sending naked selfies of herself to one of her best friends when she is supposed to be trying on clothing for someone else?"

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  1. I like both versions of the cap, but I slightly prefer the first one. That has nothing to do with the difference in the layout, or the small difference in the story. To me that picture suits the story a little better