Friday, February 12, 2016

Not Quite A Whitman Sampler for Valentine's Day!

And I'm not sure why i'm saying these things as there is NO CANDY whatsoever in the caption!

Made this for KimberlyMJ on the Haven. I wasn't planning on doing a Valentine's Day caption this year, but when I was drifting around random photo sites, I saw this picture and figured it might make a decent caption. It seemed to best be done as a body swap, but I wasn't quite feeling it that way, so I ended up playing with the premise a bit, as for me, I am not sure I could have sex with my old body.

In the end, I found a way to get around that I think, with her dialog mostly. Besides, I think that the way I went here is better in the long run. As they experiment sexually, their preferences will become more defined .. perhaps she'll like him smaller with bigger tits, or remove his gag reflex, while Erik might like her to be muscular and hairless, or just plain old tall, dark and handsome with a long tongue. They've got the whole weekend and hopefully a good imagination to shape things up.

I have no idea what will happen afterwards. Perhaps things work out and they can stay the way they've changed, or perhaps it was just a one shot deal to enjoy a weekend that can be rough for single people. The story ended for me at the end where I assume they'll hang out a bit, get used to their bodies, then have some fun. That could be a happy enough ending for most people I think.


Wow, I must be having a shitty week and a half in regards to caption making. In the last 10 posts, I've had a total of 7 "meh" votes with none in the previous 10. Sorry for disappointing people. It's only me here making captions, with whatever source pictures I can obtain .. and those haven't been optimal over the last week or two. Oh well. I like some more than others, and I think a few meh's are misplaced, but I'm glad people are voting as I like feedback.

And perhaps you can understand it better when it isn't live!


  1. Who is clicking on "meh"? I want names!! I want addresses!! Then we will hire some big hulking guys for a few hours to make quick work of them. And hopefully there will be enough time for them to spend a little time with us too!

    1. I've always liked the way you think Erin!

      I didn't mind the "meh" vote that much, as I always say that I want feedback. If you look at the last 10, they have been an eclectic bunch to say the least!

  2. When you push boundaries there well always be people who well not follow you to the edge.
    Galileo, Darwin, Luther did they stop when meet with Meh? No.

    1. Any comment that compares me to Galileo, Darwin and Luther will always get a positive upvote from me .. if we had one of those here. I think I'll be happy in any list that includes them unless it is titled, "people who are currently dead."

    2. Well now that you mention it i did write , and who's laughing now? well not them because they are dead.... but then thought better of it.