Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Cage of Our Own Making! ... and Damien's Kinky Dream!

Well, perhaps it was a booby trap, but I still think this would've happened sooner or later anyway!

Guys never read the directions!

Made this one for Wannabestuck, and found the photo in his trading folder .. figured I could make something of it. Wrote half of it on Friday and finished it off last night. That was a good thing as I got tired, and wasn't sure how to finish it that first night. Having an ex, both as a girlfriend and as an assistant (what is up with magician's assistants also being their love interest?) at least be a part of "being stuck" helped bring it up a notch. I should get bonus credit for using "manumission" in a caption, right? It came to my lips and sometimes you just have to break out the thesaurus lest you keep repeating yourself with the same words, time after time.

I threw Ian in there too because he's been having a rough time lately, and also, it is a REALLY short name! I think that is why I often put myself into captions too, as you can't get much shorter for a female name,.since Dee is quite a space saver and most people already know of my persona. That and I have a bit of megalomania too! LOL


For the first time in a long time, I had a dream where I would assume I was submissive. I was hanging out at some street with bars, clubs, stores, etc .. and this woman just sort of claimed me, or maybe I was drugged somehow because I just sort of stared at her and then became entranced. She took me by the hand and we went to the tattoo / piercing parlor and I ended up with an ampallang that luckily was in a dream so it healed instantly, and because it was a dream, I had no issue with it either (I sit here cringing about it right now!) Afterwards we got matching wrist tattoos, she led me out onto the street with some crotch harness that attached to the piercing, and with every tug, the horniness would increase. She was also very tall and wore high boots so I actually had to lean forward to kiss her, which I guess was a submissive position to be in as well. We had ducked into this alternative clothing shop's dressing room and .. that is about where I woke up.

I do have multiple piercings, but not THAT one! The nipple ring hurt the most when done.

So yeah. Not sure what to make out of that. Yesterday was pretty much one of napping throughout the day, a continuation of the GF's birthday weekend so we hit a few stores like Avenue and Torrid to find her some new clothes, and a visit to a mall I hadn't been to in a couple years, figuring I could try to find some more Sega Dreamcast games. Then came home, grabbed a snack, stayed online and went to bed .. so where in there did I have any interaction with something to influence that dream? About the only thing that possibly could would be the Torrid store, but it is so much tamer than when it first opened as a consumer collaboration between Lane Bryant and Hot Topic.

Your guess is as good as mine. Let me know how YOU interpret the dream! 

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  1. Manumission yes i had to look that one up although i think they well be paying for the opposite. thanks for the inclusion in the cap and apt i once spent two hours trying to get a sound system to work before reading the instructions it took just two minutes after that.
    its odd to have such a coherent dream i don't know that i can interpret it except you are a kinky so and so.
    I've not had a good dream for ages but after watching the fall videos on you tube the other night every one in my dream spoke(mumbled) like mark e smith. now that is a disturbing thing to have in your head.