Friday, January 29, 2016

Least You Don't Look Like Conor McGregor!

A semi-meta caption that sort of confused people who don't watch MMA / UFC ..
Which apparently include most of Rachel's Haven!

About the tag line: When I posted this caption to Sammie's trading folder, I had typed in the following as a blurb:
I don't think that Conor McGregor was in your list of redheads, right? Luckily we took care of that for you! Figured a semi-meta caption would work wonders!
And no one seemed to know who *HE* was and why that was a funny joke. I ended up having to explain, "When I said that 'I don't think that Conor McGregor was in your list of redheads, right?' it's because he is the baddest dude in the 135 pound weight class. Here is his last fight, all 16 seconds of it against the former champion who had been undefeated for almost 10 years."

Hence, it is funny because even though he is not very heavy, he is not someone you'd mess with, nor want to mistake for a female!

So, yeah. Knowing who Conor McGregor (and Ronda Rousey for that matter) helps the caption be understood a bit more. I think you can get the gist with MMA and steroid references, so it isn't over anyone's head, but yeah. I was hoping that pop culture references would cover for a punchline that was mostly, "this supplement said it would get rid of all male hormones aka testosterone" and it really did do it's job! The meta part comes in where it seems like the two characters seem to know some of the ways that guys can turn into women, at least in a caption universe!

Here is Ronda Rousey, who is in the same weight class as Conor, but was the women's champ until her last fight in December. She's also been in movies like Fast and Furious 7.

Side note: I am writing this up on a Thursday night and hoping that it will post fine on Friday night without any extra help from me and that you could click on either the picture or the title to see it. Usually I am around to guide it up, but unfortunately plans call for me to be away from the computer as I wander of to take care of business up north more. I'll have a hotel room which means I'll have my tablet .. and that makes it harder to cut and paste links where they belong, etc ... I hope to be back to my apartment sometime Sunday if all goes well, and I'll have a post then too. This was not a scheduled travel trip until Wednesday, so I am completely winging it.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: The blurbs I write up for people when I make a caption up for them, do they usually enhance the experience of receiving a caption or is it merely window dressing? I don't usually go into as much detail as here, but I always thought it helps to setup what they are about to read and keep up a sense of community among traders and readers.

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  1. Fun cap.

    Well at least I knew Ronda Rousey, though that was because of Expendables 3. Love the scene where she is a female bouncer in a tight red dress and high heels.
    That scene screamed "Dalton" and aparently I was not the only one. It seems there are plans for a reboot of Roadhouse with her in it, and I don't see her playing the Kelly Lynch part.

    I like the blurbs, It gives an insight in your thought proces when making the cap. Besides that, they're usually fun, and explain reverences you make that are not always clear in other countries. Or as is the case here, to people with other interests.