Thursday, November 5, 2015

What's the Matter, Sweetie Pie?

Sometimes it is better to wait than tell a news crew your life story in a bar!

Well, I loved the look on the model's face and knew I could work a hypnosis reveal caption out of it. Figured it would be right up Maxine LeStrange's alley, so I worked in a few of her preferences. I always find that referring to a guy's penis as something diminutive and silly is a great way to demean them and their masculinity. I mean, they aren't even going to know he still has his love gun, even if it is mostly shooting blanks? Que Horrible!

Damn, I wrote a lot for this caption. I ended up shrinking the original font down from 30 pt to 23 or so, meaning I had to reduce the size by about 25 percent, or 1/4 for those math challenged. That was on top of making the picture more than 60 percent of the caption itself, for the second time in a row. It just wasn't something that I could get down into a few words and convey everything I wanted to elaborate about his plight.

I also left it up in the air as to if the CEO was in on it at some point in the scheme. At first, I wanted to show how this new "openness" and acceptance could be a trap for those who are tricked into it, where in "total freedom" they actually are a prisoner to societies affirmations. Add to that my desire to once again bang the drum for equal pay for men and women and you have the ending. Reading it though while posting, I really do wonder if the CEO knows more than she is letting on to Maxine. What do YOU think, my wonderful readers? Is she complicit or more of an accessory?

Well, I hate to admit it, but I was hoping that perhaps Leeanne or Kaaren was playing a sissy version of this game from a 1960's book that was posted on line recently. Maybe they can incorporate it into their Thanksgiving celebrations?

I had to post this one too, as it is quite an unfortunate name for a children's book. Once again, I think I might have to ask if Leeanne or Sissy Kaaren have played this game yet?


  1. love this caption i like to think all the girls in the secretary pool and the C E O are in on it and are spending his winnings while he gets to be over worked , underpaid and the eye candy

  2. Lovely cap, it shows you have to be careful what you say when you win the lottery, but even losing the lotery money, one could wonder if Maxine isn't the winner after all, even with the pay cut.

  3. I really like this cap, great plot and image. Loving those shoes too!

    I would reckon that the CEO was in on it but the secretaries weren't. That said, after a lottery win, they might assume that she could take a bit of teasing for working for less. My own interpretations of these usually involve some acceptance on the part of the transformed male, even if, ultimately, they're forced and trapped... So I guess I imagine that here too.

    I'll stop comment-blasting now, promise.