Tuesday, November 17, 2015

No Longer The MAN in the Box!

Trust me. You've got to stay out of those magical musical karaoke boxes!

Well, I am pretty sure that I owe Wendygirl a few captions, especially since she has made me two little series in the last week. I went looking through her photo folder, and found this one, which I thought I could work with. My brain said, "I see a red broad and I want her panties black!" and I just had to juggle with the plot a bit to fit where my brain wanted to go.

Of COURSE I would have a magical, musical, karaoke machine with optional transformation booth all set up in a lesbian bar .. it's my regular Saturday night thing! I pictured myself doing a bit of a Nick Riviera thing (Bill Murray lounge singer persona) with it, and of course he messed around with the words, so that was my instinct as well, and my booth just so happens to be voice activated! How convenient is that? The wonders of technology in the 21st century eh?

So this caption isn't very grounded in reality. Duh! If it was, all you darlings would be rushing on down to sing along with me. What song(s) would you like me to sing to you? Do you want me to stick to the words or change you wildly with my freestyle lyrical bombshells? Your choice, just let me know in the comment section!

Let's see if Youtube will let me link up the actual songs that I referenced in the caption. It seems like they aren't putting up the real links anymore, instead just listing covers and bass or guitar lessons. I hope that most people already knew the songs, but I can never be too sure. We've got some mighty young people inhabiting the TG scene nowadays!

Wow. They were all there. Let's see if they stay here!


  1. how about every time you go away( you take a piece of me with you ) by Paul young / hall and oats also i think?

  2. Great cap.
    I think a great song would be "Skin Deep" by the Stranglers. Or you could go all Tarantino with George Baker's "Little Green Bag."
    I'd say if you want to go freestyle with it or not, should depend on what flows best with the story.

  3. Loving the musical reference! Very much up my street (as I comment-blast your blog).

    As for songs... hmmm. Probably Hotter, by Parralox, or Boadicea, not the Enya version. Hmm, you've got me thinking now...

    Freestyle always works best - who doesn't like surprises?