Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Take Your Time! You've Got the Rest of Your Life to Be a Girl!

Sometimes I think it's better if the apartment had 1 bedroom and 4 bathrooms!

Made this one for Dee Dee (aka i12bdifferent on the Haven) who just came back from an extended leave, and she made me a caption upon her return into the active trading area. I looked back, and that new one put me in caption debt, so I looked for something good to return the favor.

One of her preferences is braids, so when I saw this picture, I perked up. The model certainly looked like she was taking her own sweet time, and as someone that live(d) with 3 females, I know what it is like when you've only got one bathroom in the place! I thought about how tranquil the newly transformed girl was feeling after a nice warm shower with perhaps some body lotion rubbed into her skin, juxtaposed with family members banging on the door trying to get her to come out. I liked the contrast, and on another level, elevating the mundane into more than just an everyday occurrence we often take for granted in our lives.

I skipped all the drama about how she was changed. The caption takes place somewhere around the "Acceptance" phase .. and this is a check mark in the "kick ass" column for Dee Dee. I will leave all the angst for another caption. Just not in the mood to work that side of the fence today. Besides, as I was writing this up for the Haven, I thought about how a towel purchase from this weekend probably provided the impetus to create this caption. Oh, this towel is like humping fluffy clouds. Truly divine!

As you could tell from the last post, I've been on a bit of a teenage death song kick, so I figured I would post another one, though this one is more of a older version of that. I hope I don't offend anyone that might have related this song to someone they know, but .. it is SOOO cheesy. Just listen to the lyrics. Was he being serious? As if that wasn't bad enough, then you have to angels voices swelling up toward the end. I am trying to remember where Dave Barry had this on his "Worst Songs of All Time" survey, but I know it was somewhere in the Top 10, and probably the Top 5. I knew of this song when I was quite young because my GRANDMOTHER had a LP of his with this on it.


  1. There's a frood who really knows where his(her) towel is.

    1. Indeed she does :D
      This brings me back to the time when my sisters and me still lived at home. I always got up early, just to be ahead of my sisters, if I didn't I most certainly would be late for school.
      Great cap.

  2. I love it, even better with the song! Yeah, cheesy, but brings back memories - amazing how stuff I'd roll my eyes at and pull the earphone out back then makes me smile now! I used to get yelled at for hogging the bathroom and then I'd have to find a place to hide the panties I was trying on! Thanks again! DeeDee (i12bdifferent)