Saturday, October 10, 2015

Be an Active Sport and Take a Gentle Glide to the Store!

STAY FREE or DIE! Isn't that the motto of New Hampshire?

When it comes to lady parts and some of the things they produce, guys can get weirdly embarrassed when purchasing said items to take care of the issue. Made this caption for Wakkawakka200 as something that was probably more of an issue 20 years ago. Now, with Facebook and the relative end of personal space, we all know too much about everyone else, so I don't think there is as much stuff that can embarrass us as a society.

It does make for a fun little caption though. As I mentioned in the original post,
"So far, this hasn't happened to me yet, and I've bought things like these for the GF, and pantyhose and midol for my daughter. Perhaps I'm not sufficiently mortified at making the purchases? Hope you enjoy this quickie for the next 3 to 5 days!"
 I guess I might just have to work on my righteous indignation .. which probably would be easier if I *WAS* on my period right now! Oh the catch 22 inherent in our lives as TG Captioners!


  1. An inopportune time for a wish to be granted!!!! But I would gladly swap with him if I could!!!
    If you've read my blog you know my wife looks for opportunities to humiliate me and like you say I'm not sure why, in this day and age, anyone is embarrassed buying a widely used hygiene product!!!! But men have that built in Tampon Avoidance System!!!! And it's always active!!!!
    It's because, in their dark hearts they know that the women ringing up the sale knows that you're going to be using them in some bizarre deviant way!!! Same thing happens if you're buying panties and you tell the salesgirl that your wife/gf is "about my size"....but I digress....

  2. I have not ever had to buy said items but would maybe be glade of the automated check out for once.
    loved the Slayer video but all that water and electricity ? lets hope they are all earthed.

  3. I agree, I've been buying women's sanitary products since I was old enough to pop to the shop for my mother. As a consequence I didn't even know that men were able to get embarrassed about it until much much later. Indeed, I would go so far as to suggest that it seems to be a Statesian thing to even talk about it. Mind you, as you say, I doubt it even has traction there.

    Oh, there are some places, of course, but in those places women can be executed for driving so...

    In conclusion: great cap!