Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Hairstyle Projects the Lifestyle? or Vice Versa?

Sometimes we ignore what lies beneath the clothing, but it is always there, awaiting your touch!

Yeah, so that blurb line has nothing really to do with the caption, but I wanted to say that because I think many people missed this caption when I posted it to the newbie OtakuTG in the trading area of the Haven, mostly because of her short hair and expression. I even address that in the beginning of the caption.

Christine was/is in the military and has had discussions about it at Rachel's Haven's forum section of the site and specifically asks for it in her preferences. I can understand that, I mean, if you are a computer programmer, do you want your male self to be defined as a farmer or a chef? Having somewhat of a familiar ground is why many people trade captions in the first place, to have someone else control your fantasies and bring you along for a ride.

I knew at some point I was going to make her a caption, but didn't quite have any pictures lined up ...until I had a bit of time to kill, and as I wrote up at the time:
I was just sort of doing a Zen like viewing of pictures online, trying to see if there were anything out there that could inspire a caption, and I saw this photo and thought of you with your military background. It gave me the vibe of what really should have been the plot for that awesome 80's movie, Weird Science .. so I went with that premise. Hope you enjoy!
When I go into "zen mode" I can look at hundreds of pictures a minute. I just have my eyes glaze over a bit as a scroll down the screen, and if something unusual pop up in a thumbnail, I'll stop and enlarge it to see if it is usable. Sometimes it gets saved to a directory for future use, plopped into a caption setting for a more recent use, or if I am completely inspired, I'll create something on the spot. Percentage wise, I'm about 25, 25, and 50 in that order, all depending on how much of a spark the image gives me, and if I am afraid I'll totally and completely lose it otherwise.

As I was writing it, I started to feel like his friend was almost as much of a jerk as his brother was, and that he should be punished too. It worked out in the storyline fairly well I think. Isn't it nice when bad people are punished properly? Gives an extra bit of spring into my step.

I also like the bridging of opposite natures, where the dominant look underlies the submissive streak. Harking back to the last music video I posted on the blog, Rob Halford of Judas Priest is in the video wearing a leather outfit with a bull whip, handcuffs and chains in a holster. This is pretty ironic because, back in 1983, now one seemed to think this was the slightest bit gay, and from everything you read, he was, and is, a massive submissive in real life. I can only guess that he was projecting exactly what he wanted in a lover, and playing out that fantasy. He probably would have been much happier in a Frankie Goes to Hollywood video, to be truthful. He corrected that later on, during the "Locked In" video, where he is tied up to a swinging metal bondage rack by a bunch of women carrying bones and his band has to rescue him .. lots of other 80's stuff you just have to see to believe!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Don't you think we need much more 1980's put into TG captions? I think that if there ever was a decade for TG stuff, it would be the 70's or 80's, even though I was barely alive for some of those decades. Maybe I'm looking back with nostalgic eyes, but those times seemed more magical, colorful and fun, which much more subcultures, each with their own style.

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  1. A great punishment caption my favorite,
    a lot of old rock videos are so camp looking back at them.
    As i harp on to any one forced to listen its seems to me there are no subcultures or music scenes going on.
    Youth of today ! back in my day we knew how to annoy mum and dad with our music and strange clothes and long hair.