Sunday, August 9, 2015

Moving Day Can be Quite Moving!

You'll always remember your first time .. in your first apartment.

Made this one for Lacy, and I wanted to give her a sweeter caption after pushing her buttons quite a bit for the least few trades in which I went REALLY close to her limits, possibly tiptoeing across the border from time to time. The picture was definitely her, so there was no debate over who was going to receive this one, and the topic it gave me was an exciting one to write about.

One of the interesting things at the Haven is the discussion groups about people's experiences with cross-dressing and how each individual came to their own conclusions about what they were and how that relates to their sexuality. Many have talked about how they really had to hide it from their family when they were younger, or if that wasn't quite a issue then, going off to college where they really couldn't do anything other than dream. Talk about passion! For them, it wasn't a matter of "why not dress up in women's clothing?" but a need to do so, and the lengths they went through to satisfy that need.

You often hear, "When I move out ..." in those discussion topics, and it is a wondrous, and scary time when you leave the nest and head off to make your mark upon the world. Maybe you have a roommate, but even then, you should have at least an entire room to yourself, and hopefully, the privacy to do what you want, when you want, exactly the way you want it. For a more traditional, non-TG viewpoint, "Welcome to Paradise" by Green Day does a wonderful job of conveying it.

That was what I was trying to push through into this caption. The desire to not only have your own space that is uniquely yours, but to fill it with objects that represent you, with no compromises. The need to dress is so compelling to Lacy here, that she's forgone most of the "necessities" of apartment living, for something that will define her and how she lives in that new apartment.

Look at the caption one more time, in closer detail, then come back here to continue. I hope you noticed the amount of space that I left in both the text and in the picture itself. That was completely by design. Usually I would have cropped the picture to get a closer view of the model, but the way it was set up went perfect with what I was trying to convey, that a mattress, some hosiery, lingerie and a brand new dress as all the things she currently possesses .. what is actually the most important things to her .. and the freedom to fill those empty spaces with cherished items as she lives her life. I made the same choice with the starkness of few words. In fact, with an abundance of "No .." in the first half of the caption, it could say, "No verbs" either! In my head, I was forming an equation, which I followed through as an outline, and did my best to stick with it, and carve out anything that was superfluous to the end result.

As Lacy mentioned in her reply to the post, "What a moving caption.  At least I had my priorities right.  Loved the sexy dress and pantyhose.  Loved the idea of a new city, a new life the way I want it."

I hope that a caption like this brings you back to when you were starting out in life, and how exhilarating it was, eating ramen noodles and/or Tina's burritos 3 times a day until payday. Or perhaps, you are looking forward to the moment the caption demonstrates, and the freedom that will bring to your lifestyle. If it does, then I think I've done my job well.

 Feel free to write about your first time living by yourself and being able to dress the way you wanted or how things changed when you did move out. How bad was the anticipation as the date moved closer? Did you take advantage of the situation? Was it scary-fun and exciting to shop for feminine items that you were going to wear when you got home?

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  1. Incredible caption Dee! I love how you matched the starkness of her new apartment with the starkness of the words.

    I remember the first time I was on my own. It was a dorm room at college. While I didn’t attempt any cross dressing, I still had that exhilarating feeling of MINE! This was MY space and I could do with it whatever I wanted. I expected that feeling to fade away, but it lasted all semester and I still get a thrill up my back when I think back on it. I can’t imagine how much more electrifying it would be if I was also looking for the privacy needed to dress.

    When I first dipped my toes into dressing it was in a far less private way but that made it a whole different kind of thrilling. Walking around in my normal clothes while wearing frilly pink panties under my regular denim. I must have been floating three feet above the floor.

    1. Nice to know it lasted the whole semester. I always commuted to college, and a few friends never felt quite at home, that they were just sort of "renting" the space for 14 weeks, even with posters, etc ..

      I never had the entire, "this is my space completely!" thing as my first apartment was rented from my grandmother, above her house, and it was partially furnished already. She lived in Florida for 9 months a year, so I was technically alone, but it wasn't like I could decide what art was on the walls, or curtains or anything like that, I lived there for 2 years then moved in with the current girlfriend in a slummy area that was what we could afford. Then 10 years ago, we moved into our current place. Both times, I have had to compromise to make sure we were both happy with what we have in the house.

  2. Dee you did a great job on the caption as I said. Plus, my priorities would be sexy lingerie, a lacy slip, pantyhose and a lacy dress. I too did really dress until I had a place of my own and it allowed me the freedom to do so. I still just dress in the privacy of my own home, but then my preferences for dressing are in silky lingerie, lacy slips, satin panties, pantyhose and other lingerie. I greatly appreciated the caption before, and now with the extra explanation it has even a more special place in my heart. Thanks.


    1. So glad you liked it. Sometimes the captions are pretty straight forward, but many times, there are things lurking below the surface that I like to highlight here. I'm happy I hit a few warm fuzzy spots for you!

  3. Magnificent cap! It truly represents the hopes and expectations I had when was ready to start living on my own, when I was about to do so. My dad's health interfeared, and I choose to stay. For the part where I was there for my dad, that's a part I never regretted. I know I would have regretted if I didn't stay.
    Still, I have regrets for not pursuing to become who I feel I am. I put myself in the closet, and being careful not to be found out, fear started to take over that put me even deeper in it, and only the last few years I peek outside, when I am in this community. The strange thing is, ever since I started to peek outside, the need to dress has become a lot less.

    1. I had done the same thing with my mom, and commuted to college when she was sick. I didn't move out until she had passed on.

      Well, try not to took back too much with regret, as that will eat you alive! I am glad you found our community and are a big part of it.