Friday, August 28, 2015

A Downtown Train .. to Romania!

Well, it could be any Old World country really!

Saw this picture and had an idea that I needed to work out. Wrote it all down and spent about 40 minutes trying to figure out who would want a caption like this. Decided I might as well just make it a blog exclusive, instead of spending some time tailoring it to another person's preferences.

What really makes this caption in my opinion is the phrase, "an immortal spirit in a disposable world." which just seems like such an elegant wording. Might be something I want to play around with further.

I really didn't have an ending at first, other than explaining that she needed a host body to survive, and it wasn't implied, but there were certain requirements to make the swap. What they are, I am not sure, but they were there in the thought process. As you can see at the top, I had her ditching everything behind, but then I thought, when I am playing a "God Mode" game, it is always fun to perhaps, "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!" Why not have her go out of her way to make everything in this women's former life just explode with chaos? Stir up the pot and see what happens next? Why just blend into the background, when you can push the boundaries. They'll never forget you that way! Then just disappear!

It isn't unlike letting Godzilla loose upon a town you built in Sim City 2000. What could you do in that body if there were no real repercussions for yourself?


  1. Oh Dee what a wicked world of ideas this opens!!! I absolutely love this one!!!! I hope to see more of this immortal spirit and the chaos it leaves in it's wake!!!!

    1. It does open up some ideas. Not sure how they'll make themselves known yet.

      I also worked up a caption involving you and Leeanne that I'[ll be posting soon. I enjoy being your therapist, so I promoted myself to your wife in it. Be on the lookout for it within the next week or so.

  2. I think if one was an immortal you would have done everything "normal" and would have to start mixing things up and in deed trying chaos.