Friday, July 3, 2015

Very Sick!

I probably will not be around for some time as I have a CENSORED. Please keep me in you thoughts while I fight this! I will update when I am out of the hospital.


  1. I hope you get back in good health as soon as possible.

  2. Please get well soon Dee!!!! I'm looking forward to my next session with my analyst!!!!

  3. Get well soon! Wishing you the best

  4. I am just getting over a Bacterial Skin Infection It's really the pits.

    Get Well Soon Dee.

  5. Being in the hospital is serious in our business Dee. Keep an eye out for:

    The mad doctor looking subjects to test his feminization nano bots on.

    Nurses that need help and dress you up in the 50s nurse wear… white starched dress, white panty hose, a prim white cap and those sensible heels.

    Going in for a quick procedure and being wheeled into the wrong room… sex change operation.

    That new super bug going around in the hospital that changes men into women.

    Your hypnotist roomie that wants to prove to a friend that he can make a male former rocker into 16 year old mall shopping girly girl.

    Drug side effects that include growing breasts.

    Mistakenly ending up in the psyche ward where they try to help you with the delusion that you are actually male.

    Having to sue the drug company that replaced all their antibiotics with high dose feminine hormones.

    Asking to wear something for modesty’s sake under the gown that opens in the back and being forced to wear lacy panties.

    Having one of the nurse aids come in for your bed bath who secretly wants to be a beautician and gives you a full on makeover.

    Seriously though… I hope your treatment and recovery go off without a hitch and that you’ll be back soon writing caps about those wonderful hospital tropes!

  6. i hope you have a speedy recovery Best wishes