Saturday, July 25, 2015


Damien didn't take too well to the halls of academia, huh?

Well, I had captions to post, and instead I wandered around the Internet looking to do some more captioning, and I found this picture and decided I NEEDED to make a mad scientist caption starring yours truly! I mean, I don't make that many captions FOR ME, so why not give myself some self love .. and hell yeah I'm going to 'bate myself to sleep!

Anyway, I don't think it needs too much discussion, though perhaps I might need to explain the complete ending. I of course found the perfect balance of all the contrasting elements, but since they thought *I* was unbalanced, I decided to give them an extreme imbalance, aka 100 percent of whatever essence they encountered .. and probably push whatever side they fell on to the extreme other in whatever scale you can think about. Really smart? Then viola, instant bimbo!

Of course, I didn't release the all good/all evil components! I mean, who wants competition?!?

When I started writing this up, I looked at it and I didn't think there was enough "ME" in the caption so I resized the photo a bit. I could've done more, but hey, I'm not conceited or anything! I figured the top of the building ledge on the right side was a good place for a crop point. I wanted to leave some space to show the amount of devastation I was about to leave behind!



  1. Ooh very evil. Such a great concept as well throwing up many future possibilities. Love the picture too, such a stunning cybergoth outfit you have on!

  2. I always said you were one lab accident away from a super villain, Dee.

  3. Dee does not mind people call her Magellanic. In fact she demands it.

  4. How to improve the world, Dee style.
    Great cap.