Monday, July 13, 2015

Guppies Should Never Swim in a Shark Tank!

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarium, age of Aquarium! A-QUAR-I-UM!

Was I in a silly mood this afternoon? YOU BETCHA! I saw this picture and had the "stinger" all wrapped up, and just needed to plop it into a caption setting. Just read it and groan!

And yes, I did use the "concrete high heels" line before, but again, I am not borrowing from myself, I am recycling! Truly a green TG captioner, I am. Forgot to change the font back as well, but figured it looked good enough, and since it's an extreme quickie, worked well with the story. Perhaps I should have found a watery type font? Nah! It's all dialog so I don't think it would've fit.

On a more serious note, I inadvertently left Helena out of the DIY Challenge results. I apologize, and have added her to the original post, so if you haven't checked it out yet, everything is now there. And even if you have, at least pop in to see Helena's, since she's been with the DIY Challenge since the beginning I believe. Sorry Helena!

And yes, if you hadn't figured it out, Fat Tony used magic to turn them into women, and they got revenge by turning Fat Tony into that coral/plant thing. They truthfully can say that they did NOT kill Fat Tony as he is still quite alive, though he's not quite in the same shape as he was before.


  1. Groan Very silly. Coral is a living thing so that works i think it grows a tiny bit every year so Tony might be out in a few hundred years.

  2. Ha, that would be something, concrete high heels. That's probably less comfortable, but more elegant than concrete shoes.

    Apology accepted, and no need to feel bad about it. These things happen, and well, it's fixed now, so we can both be happy.

    Barracuda, love that song. One of my sisters had the Heart album Little Queen, and I borrowed it quite a few times. Most of the time I only played Barracuda.

    1. Glad we got everything straightened out.

      Little Queen is a good song, as is Kick It Out. There was a recording dispute with their label and 2 different versions of their 2nd (or 3rd actually) albums were released by 2 record companies. If you took the best songs from both, it'd have been a killer record.

    2. It seems I have some catching up to do with Heart.

    3. Happy that they finally got in the RRHOF, and maybe that institution can finally be relevant. :)