Monday, July 27, 2015

Girls Can Be Indecisive, Especially When They Were Once Boys

Not sure this is a typical Dee caption, but come inside to read it anyway!

I was all ready to post something else when I decided to caption if some photos were to tickle me creatively. I also wanted to caption a few people, and one was Corinne Beau. I saw this picture and thought that there were confusing thoughts running around her head, which obviously was focused to what was in, or wasn't in, her panties. The first line came into my head, and I threw it into a caption setting right then, figuring I needed to figure out a way to get from there to the finish line, where I was complete the thought, slightly changed.

Once I thought about that line, I realized that I would try to tackle something I rarely ever do, and I'm not sure that many others have tried it either .. to at least reference a long, SLOOOOOW transformational change that only occupies one panel of caption space. I made it somewhat easier for myself by limiting it to a moment of time within said change, and hopefully project the arc of his journey by using as few words as possible. I was initially trying for less than one hundred words, aka a drabble, but there was now way I wanted to be THAT economical. I did make it less than 150, coming in at 148, but I counted every word, including articles and conjunctions.

Mostly, I wanted to highlight those mood swings (or perhaps identity swings) between male and female, and the thinking behind each. I know quite a few people that have transitioned and the hormones literally made them into teenage girls, with a second puberty, which was a bit frightening the first time you see it, but since then, I've come to expect that when someone else I know transitions. They were moody, then happy, then horny, then innocently sexual, energetic and mopey. Throw "doc" in there and you've got some interesting Dwarves to deal with!

So, I wrote it with more detail of the transformation than usual, but still was pretty vague on the details as read .. but it still feels like an inherently "Dee" caption. I'm not quite sure why, but if you see it and are able to elaborate, please do as I would like to be enlightened on WHY it seems like a "Dee" caption when I honestly tried to make something outside the box. Hahah! BOX!

I wanted to do a week of Anthrax songs, but I don't think they have any songs about pussy!


  1. I like it! And yes, it is most certainly a 'Dee' caption. Forgive me if I over/under think this, but I’m just going off the top of my head.

    The first thing that strikes me as a ‘Dee’ caption is the design. It’s clean, easy to read, and pleasurable to view. The photo has a nice flair with the drop shadow, the background matches both the color theme of the photo and the color theme of the story. The text is on the larger size which makes it easy to follow and lets any concentration move to the story instead of focusing on the mechanics of reading.

    The second thing that strikes me as a ‘Dee’ caption is the story being focused on the moment. This story is about right here and right now. How did this happen? It’s not important to the caption. Who is this? It’s not important to the caption. Why is this happening? It’s not important to the caption. What’s important to the caption is here… he/she is sitting and wondering about this moment. Not yesterday, and not tomorrow.

    Lastly, but maybe most importantly, this feels grounded in emotional reality. The story feels a little sad, but it hasn’t been punched up to be a melodrama. The story feels a little hopeful, but it hasn’t been punched up to be an advertisement for tg transformation. The image feels a little sexy, but it hasn’t been punched up to be ‘hawt’. More or less the story is sad, happy, and sexy without being manipulated into those senses. It feels real.

    Oh… and a final thought on the ‘Dee’ness of captions…. It has a rimshot ending line that doesn’t feel forced. The ending tag feels like where the story was going to end and it just happens to be a great exclamation point to the caption.

    Any one of these characteristics can be found on dozens (hundreds? Thousands?) of captions, but a Dee caption has all of them.

    1. Thank you so much Calvin! It means a lot coming from you, and if that is how you see my work, I am quite proud of how you described it.

      I think I have more of a handle on why I thought it wasn't quite a "Dee Caption" and that was I usually show rather than tell, and this time I told, while not showing .. particularly in her panties! As such, I tend not to write about the actual physical transformation. This time I did, even though it was mixed in with the feelings she was going through as she explored her body once again.

  2. I Think its a Dee caption because its a economical snapshot. but has so many trails to follow in the mind if one cares to.
    my bloody valentine 'Nice' I saw them a few times live Bilina Butcher and Debbie Googe did wonders for a young mans ardor.

  3. Dammit! Found a way I could've made it better. Instead of "my boobs" it should have been "they" since I was using the article "IT" for his penis/clitoris I should have stayed with that convention. Plus it would've been more vague, since you are in doubt at first what "it" is though we have a good idea.

    Oh well, live and learn!