Thursday, June 25, 2015

Covert Ops .. Mission Unpossible!

Burn notice? More like a .. Bum notice, am I right?

Made this one for Baroness Vanessa while I was cleaning out the Trading Area of inactive members. It is always a good chance to look at people I might not have captioned in awhile and refresh my memory as to what they like for preferences. She likes spy type stuff, and I don't think she liked the last caption I made for her as much, as I made her an urban black woman to infiltrate something. Don't remember what exactly. Anyway, I figured I would keep this one based more on a spy mission itself, and with the lamp on the floor, it definitely looks like a struggle went on in the room .. and either she is holding her neck because it is sore from the injection .. or she's getting a bit hot and bothered as the FM+8 completes its gender change to hot and sexy woman.

My original thought was to have her "burned" as a spy, which means exposed so that you cannot do your job anymore, and are literally unemployable. See the FX TV show "Burn Notice" for more details on that. I decided though that converting her into a double agent made it a lot more adventuresome and Bond like. Don't you think that is the better solution?

Anyway, glad I had saved the picture ... I had it stored on the hard drive for a few months now, and was saving it until something somewhat inspired could be written to accompany it in caption format. I also like that the text moves around the model, and the caption itself, implying the stealthy motion that spies tend to do, in and out of shadows. It also directs the readers attention to all the details in the photo itself. You can really drink it in visually.

As I was thinking about what song to post, I realized that this probably played a bit of influence on the caption, though I'm not really much of a Rush fan. It is still a good song!

I had to include this one though as it's an utterly brilliant cover song with some new lyrics. Goddess bless Devo, they were so misunderstood at the time and people still need to discover their brilliant social satire drenched in weird synth pop tendencies. Truly timeless!

There will definitely be a post or two over the weekend, then I am going to play it by ear from June 29-July 5th. I'm sure that they'll be a few posts, including one around/near the 4th of July, but with the GF on vacation, me on semi-vacation, and some other possibilities happening in the real life realm, I'm not entirely sure I'll have the normal 4-5 posts per week. Just keep checking in and we'll see how next week plays out!

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  1. love the caption. Rush and Devo there is a heaven