Saturday, April 4, 2015

Katie Mills' Easter L'eggs Hunt!

Not just for kids anymore! Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!

Made this one in time for Easter, and decided that Katie Mills would be a good recipient. Originally was going to make it for the 3650th comment, but its been REALLY slow this week here on the blog, so I went with Katie since it definitely seems like the kind of picture she'd enjoy.

Still not sure what we are doing for the Holiday yet. Haven't heard back from my dad as to whether there will be something at my grandmother's house. Not a big deal either way, as Smokey Bones is open on Easter apparently so the GF can have ribs and I'll grab a veggie burger. If we don't go there for lunch, we can have it later on Easter Sunday.

Since the GF is wiccan and I am more or less agnostic, there isn't really any religious aspect to the holiday, although the GF enjoys the whole Easter Bunny, candy and pastel time of year and will celebrate Beltane in the next few weeks. No matter what, we look toward Easter as the official beginning of Spring, where all the gloom and snow of winter melts away and we get as few peaceful weeks before allergy season kicks in!

We plan on doing a bunch of spring cleaning so we can have a few upgrades to our apartment, which was taken over by the bank since the landlord defaulted on the mortgage to the building. I talked to the management team and they will finally replace the toilet (it runs constantly) and will install the ceiling fan/light I bought like 2 years ago. Good times! Now we've just got to mop, vacuum, scrub, wash, scrub some more, and haul out a bunch of trash before they get here!

Isn't THAT what Spring is all about?

Been a pretty slow week here at the blog. What would YOU like to see more of here?


  1. Thanks Dee!! Nothing beats a great pair of L'eggs.. I loved it!

    I completely understand where you're coming from when you talk about religious holidays. I'm agnostic as well so religious holidays are more for my daughter who is still young and enjoys Santa and the Easter Bunny. But Easter does have that "end of winter feel" to it. And as a fellow Northeast resident it makes Easter a great holiday indeed.

    Thank you for thinking of me and making me another cap. :)
    Now can you tell me where the South Lawn is. I want to get there just in time to find out I lost the hunt and a few other things.

    xoxoxo Katie Mills

    1. Ironically, the South Lawn is a actually a bit north of the North Lawn. You know, men designed the park systems back in those days! Also, the West Lawn is in the East side of town, but was named after Adam West, of Batman Fame .. you'll find it in the Burt Ward.

  2. Bingo! Bimbo! Boingo!

    Love that cover of Seasons in the Sun! Love Me First and the Gimme Gimmes! Great combo!

    Happy Easter Dee