Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hypnotic Resistance .. A Throwback Sunday! Needs feedback!

Sometimes it's good to be merry, merry and quite contrary!

Figured it might be a good time to do a throwback Saturday/Sunday/Weekend sort of thing as I don't think I've posted this one yet, though now I do think I have. Arrgghh! Made it back in November of 2009. Hayley has been doing a standard Throwback Thursday like you'd see on Facebook since her old blog is gone, and it's a good opportunity to see her old work again, integrated into the current stuff. Since the weekend is usually slower around here, I am thinking about doing the same thing but towards the weekend naturally.

Which leads me to my questions ..
  • Are you reading the old blog posts, or mostly just skimming the most recent things I've done here? 

  • Do you search out captions based on the labels/keywords that are available (like hypnosis, heels, or pregnancy?) or pick out a certain year and month to browse through what I made say in April of 2012? 

  • Should I repost entire posts if I wish to re-play an older caption so people that weren't around when they were originally uploaded can read what I said then .. and if yes, should I update what I said then in the post, or have a spot where I can comment on the original post or keep it the way it was?
One of the reasons I am asking is that there is a big void in the Haven where a black hole sucked out all the captions posted over a certain number of months and/or years .. so the only place to see them is here, and they are getting severely backlogged here as I continue to post newer captions. Also, many of them were created for people that no longer trading captions, so their folders on the Haven are in the inactive section, which is in a separate area and not often looked at.

Another option would be to make another blog and call it the retro lunch or something incredibly clever like that and then start posting stuff from back when I started doing this one. That way it wouldn't interfere with the new stuff I am posting here. An advantage on one hand because I could keep them separate, but also a disadvantage because I have enough trouble getting people to come to this blog with a decent following, never mind starting another one from scratch. Would you want to visit HERE and another blog to look at something this blog posted 4 years ago?

I really need your opinions on this as it could really influence what I am going to do going forward. The way life has been recently, my TG caption work will likely be in spurts, so augmenting the current output with stuff from the past seems like a way to generate something for people every day or two without stretching myself too damn thin AND keeping up a certain stretch of quality work. I don't wish to release substandard work, but sometimes it might be the only thing in the pipeline.

Have at it in the comment section. There are no wrong answers and I will ruminate on everything posted, perhaps answering any questions you might have AND I might have things to say back to you if your suggestions are valid and intriguing.


  1. It's always fun to look into the past, but I don't think you should just wholeheartedly re-post whats already here. Then again more posts from you is always going to be a good thing. I think you could have a fun second blog where you not only post your older captions, but other cappers old caps. Maybe picking something that had peaked your fancy but didn't get a lot of attention or showcasing some of those cappers whose creative flames blew out to quickly.

    I think with some occasional promotion here (say one post a week mirroring the other blog) you could carry a similar audience very quickly.

    That's just my initial impression. I'll give it some deeper thought and see if I come up with anything else.

  2. So why not have a shared blog with your friends posting classic captions? It can be people sharing their old work or things that inspired them when they started out. It's an outlet for old work and a fun tool. Maybe once a week you have a shared post where people talk about a particular caption as a "group"

  3. As a point of reference, when I come across a new blog, I generally check the tags to see if my favorite topics are covered and check those out first - generally as far back as those tags are featured...depending on the size of the site, I may or may not explore the rest of the archives (and depending on the quality of the caps) - it kinda varies from site to site.

    1. Incidentally, sorting tags alphabetically rather than numerically may assist new viewers somewhat (when you have a lot) - as your site (or mine - does - but ymmv.

  4. I tend not to view archives mainly with so many new posts there is just not enough time as some blogs have loads. when i do look it is by tag. it is a shame as there must be many great captions that nobody see's. i don't mind seeing the old stuff here as its new to me and might be interesting to see the whole post in some cases but with an update if context needed. i would look at a new blog
    I did wonder if you could rig all the old posts on here and the haven into slideshows say 20/25 a set maybe by tag/captioner or even random just one easy click might make viewers more inclinded to look at them of course they would be out of context but if they come across captions they like they could then browes more not sure how easy that would be to set up?
    I do think our work is abit throw away most only viewed once it would be great to breath new life into them.

  5. When the threat of closing down blogs like ours came about I started a Tumbler blog but when the reversal came I decided to use the Tumbler blog to post my old caps and a second one for the humorous ones. I post two a day on each one and now post new caps two a day so it will probably be a year or two before the two Tumbler blogs catch up.I don't tag anything. I realize people have certain preferences but I like to think aid my caps like children and don't want some to be singled out while others are ignored. I'd probaby get more page views if I tagged but I just don't like idea.