Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bruce Wayne's OTHER Alter Ego!

C'mon! It isn't like Joel Schumacher wasn't heading towards this fetish and kink fest anyway!

I was hunting for source photos to make captions with, and found a cosplay folder on a site, and viewed a few pictures of Wonder Woman. That lead to some Batman and Robin pictures, where they were obviously done by women, and were quite sexy. I thought about how people in Gotham would wonder who Batman is, and I'd think he'd have a much more elaborate disguise than a pair of glasses like Clark Kent does.

So, of course he'd HAVE to really keep the appearances of the whole "Foppish Playboy Rake" image up big-time, and at that point I thought of the ludicrous charity auction in "Batman and Robin" where they actually show up to help sell a date with models and then Poison Ivy shows up etc .. The reporters weren't like, "Ok, so every friggin' rich man is here to bid on some fine piece of ass EXCEPT for Bruce Wayne and his youthful ward, Dick Grayson? Thank god we've got Batman and his youthful sidekick here in their place! I'm sure they have nothing else to do other than hang out with the elite of the city instead of fighting the rampant crime that is being waged in our city!"

So I think that this would definitely make people think to themselves, "Bruce is very weird, and I can't imagine that some freak like THAT would be the Batman in real life! We will have to cross him off the list of possible people. I wonder if that Harvey Dent guy could be Batman? I mean, Daredevil is a blind prosecutor!"

So anyway, enjoy this fun-filled romp starring my all-time favorite character. I plan on watching the awesome Batman: The Animated Series episodes, including a guest starring Adam West as the Grey Ghost. which I consider one of the best animated shows of all time!

Made a caption tonight I think is fairly squirmy .. or at least the protagonist is squirming! I'll have it for you sometime in the next week .. or check it out now on the Haven!

PS> Apparently Google / Blogger pulled down Kelly - SP2000's blog that is listed in the left hand column. If you have a caption blog, you might want to keep backing up your site each time you update. If/when I get more information from her, I'll keep everyone else up to date on what is going on. I am not sure if it was them or if someone complained about the site and got it taken down.

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