Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tiffany Realfield .. Artificially Sweetened!

You don't have to be completely male to be an Alpha .. right?

Well, I made this for Realfield on the Haven, who also has a TG Blog you can find right HERE. I am not sure I ever made her a caption, since I don't usually have enough of a story to plot out an Alpha Males downfall in complete terms. In a way, this could be set in a 6 month to a year period after most of Realfield's captions end where she figured out her place in the world and how to get a leg up again.

Much of "success" and "power" is the artifice, or illusion, of what we define those two things to be. Each one of us has our own perception, and often we see a downfall and wonder, "they were incredibly successful, why would they do something stupid like THAT?" when in their head, they weren't there yet, or even worse, they were paranoid to think that others could take it away so they needed more! Nixon during Watergate is a good example of that as he did not need to have someone bug the hotel. Then again, if you have enough bodies buried, you want to make sure none of them get dug up I guess.

I think that is why everyone thinks that the "rich" should pay more taxes, but no one ever thinks of themselves as "rich" hence only people that make more money then them should have to pay more taxes! Its self-serving to say the least, but its the rationalization that lets "the rich" sleep well in that they are stimulating the economy by spending money on themselves instead of for the public good, whatever THAT means!

For me, making 250k a year salary would be a dream, as that is about 10 times as much as I bring home each year. Owning a home and being able to retire ever are things that are probably out of my reach, and my daughter is going to college through federal grants and some scholarships. My "new" car is 11 years old and ONLY has 125k miles on it, and is the newest car I've ever owned. To me, that 250k a year salary makes you a rich person!

However, that guy bringing home 250k is sitting there saying, "I own a house and have a vacation home in Florida where I go once a year for two weeks to relax, and hopefully retire there when I'm 65! How can I do that if they are giving me an unfair tax burden?!? I can barely afford to pay the 40k a year for private college tuition, while those brats are getting handouts to go to college with MY TAX MONEY! If their parents had a REAL job, perhaps they'd be able to support their offspring! Its not like I'm John Q. Moneybags at the Country Club who plays golf every day! I can barely find time to play a round or two on the weekend, like most blue collar workers!"

Yeah, I'm exaggerating a bit, but everyone under the earning capacity of Scrooge McDuck wants to be considered an Average Joe Punchclock who's getting screwed by "THE MAN" even though they are much more "THE MAN" than an actual duck!

Anyway, back to the actual caption. I took an Ann Rand approach I think that says, if you WERE an Alpha, you ARE one, just pick yourself up by your bootstraps (high heels here) and start over! Figure out what your best asset is, and exploit it for all you got! One of the key traits of "Successful" people is the ability to sniff out what is real and what is fake, and women usually are better at that, probably for reasons that I mentioned in the caption .. and she-males take that deception and amplify it twofold at the very least and rock that illusion.

In that sense, the only difference between a real woman and a she-male is the marketing. The surprise is what comes underneath, and is often unspoken. All the more reason to make sure that "what lies within" the person is what you want. You can always change the packaging, but the product inside needs to be exactly what you want. Let the shopper beware!

Tell me I'm right! Tell me I'm wrong! Tell me you enjoyed the caption anyway!


  1. Wow! Alpha males, Alpha females, Shemales and tax policy! All part of the package here at Dee’lusions of Grandeur!

    I agree that almost nobody sees themselves as ‘rich’. There is always something more to strive for. Take transportation: Can you get a car? A car that works reliably? A late model car? A one or two year old car? A new car? A compact car? Midsize? Full size? SUV? Luxury? Rare Luxury? Custom built Luxury? Someone else to drive you around? Fly first class? A plane of your own? A new plane? A jet? A new jet? A faster jet? A custom jet?

    There’s always going to be something else to strive for, and there will never be ‘enough’ to be fully satisfied. Therefore nobody is rich… or at the very least rich enough. No matter what financial strata you are on, there are people above you that you dream to be and people below you dreaming to be you.

    I think the problem in today’s politics isn’t defining where to draw the line between who gets taxed more, its decided if anybody anywhere in any circumstance should ever pay more taxes. It’s deciding how much to cut taxes and for whom to cut taxes more.

  2. A great caption and another thought provocing post. I do belive that selfishness is the defualt for most humans and most tax moaners skip the help they have had along the way. Education ,health care safty given by police and armed forces. Plus the infrastructer roads, electric etc and communication. i could go on.
    Ayn Rand does kind of make sense on first reading but it does asume a level playing field to begin with where the best shine through this is not the case however.
    As for the other part being the best you can be making the most of your situation. diguises ... i shall leave to after getting of my high horse and a cold calming shower.

  3. Tiffany certain got a leg up on them...and so it really doesn't matter what's between those legs. I loved your approach to my preferences and themes, and the plug for my blog not to mention that it lead to such a heady discussion as to how we define success, power, etc.