Saturday, January 17, 2015

Changing The Family Dynamic .. With Beats by Dee!

It's that ONE letter that makes ALL the difference!

Made this one for Annebelle Raven, over at Annabelle's Family Tradition, mostly because I hadn't seen her trade captions in quite some time and also because doing her sort of caption occasionally can be a lot of fun! The picture gave me the vibe that much of Annebelle's captions do, so I had a good idea of what I wanted to do.

I knew I wanted them to be competitive, as siblings and especially brothers, can be and I wanted that to be the driving force behind their change. I remembered a friend of mine describing past Christmases about how their twins would fight over who got what toys unless they got the exact same thing, and I used that in the caption as another sign of them competing all the time.

I have used the "Beats by Dee" thing before, in THIS caption, and even the cheapest sets of the real headphones are like 150 bucks on Amazon, and those are for discontinued versions! I just like the idea of headphones that can change their listeners subliminally and that they are named after me!

Something that really tied the story together nicely, and wan't added until the last moment, was the addition of the Dad into the caption. at the end, I was writing up the Girl's Night In segment, and I thought that it'd be nice to have a male authority figure changed as well, since Abigail was sick of all that testosterone causing issues in her happy home. Annabelle often has multiple generations swapped into girlhood, so why not here? I wrote up the last paragraph and all it took was to add one line to the end of the first paragraph and we had closure! I probably could have punctuated it a bit better to stress the "Girl's Night In" part, but oh well, I am happy the whole family is female now!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend .. mine will be spent moving the daughter back in for college, dismantling my man cave and turning it back into her old room, and watching the NFL Conference Championship games .. GO PATS! I don't think they could be the Seahawks but seeing the Pats in the Super Bowl again would make me smile from ear to ear. Let Peyton Manning have his commercials .. Tom Bray prefers to PLAY on Super Bowl Sunday rather than just being in the advertisements! Tom is the second best quarterback ever behind Joe Montana. GO PATS!

Here is where I got the name for the mother in the caption. It's a great concept album from King Diamond released in 1987 or so. If you wish to just hear the song, "Abigail" listen to the song clip below, which is a cover by a bunch of heavy metal legends, with Ripper Owens on vocals.

Before I was anything else musically, I was a big metalhead! If it's too loud . you're too old!

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  1. And they all lived happily ever after. Such a sweet story.