Thursday, November 20, 2014

Well, That's Par for the Course!

Be glad I didn't use any Caddyshack lines this time!

Made this as a capback for Brittany7. I saw the picture and thought there was definitely a caption in there somewhere. Her form isn't great, but with a body like that who cares, unless you are betting on her to win!

Full disclosure, I have never played a round of golf that didn't involve a windmill and/or clowns. I don't think either myself or any of my friends could afford to play golf, and if I had the money, I can think of plenty of other ways to spend it! I never used to watch it until I got my hi def television a few years ago, and it was breathtaking to watch the wind blow the grass!

I do know most of the rules, and many of the sayings and terminology involved, so I can still whip up a caption or two about it. Hopefully you reading this won't have to get anything explained to you!

In other news, not only am I almost finished with Christmas shopping, I've also made a couple Christmas captions that will be unveiled as that holiday gets closer. Both completed captions so far will be posted to the Haven for the annual 25 Captions of Christmas event that Terri curates. I've done 2 out of 3 years, so I was more than happy to pitch in with a few as I love it when people try to do things that are fun on the Haven and support it as best I can.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: So, what happened beforehand to lead us to the situation pictured in the caption? What do you think happened afterwards? Is somehow Belladonna involved since it talks about him being away from the office?


  1. Of course, now I go commented crazy. Here's an example of the image being more important than the text - the story is important to contextualise the image but, overall, the picture tells much of the situation already, it just needs a few hints and pushes to do what you want it to do.

    Or, it could simply be that my tastes are better hit by this colour set than the colours in the time-travel caption in the post above. Who knows?

    As for speculation, I have nothing at the moment, but that sort of game is a fun one so I'll probably be back later!

  2. Lovely cap.
    My daughter stormed angry into my office, not even being slowed down by my secretary. I had promised to take her and her boyfriend to the golf course, but as usual work got in the way. The discussion we had could probably be heard in the lobby on the other side of the building. We interrupted our yelling when my secretary entered again with a strange, glowing object.
    Before we could do or say anything, the glowing surrounded me, and in no time my daughter was looking at a girl of her own age where her father stood just seconds ago. Meanwhile she informed me that she had cleared my schedule for the rest of the week, telling me I would only change back if I got my name on the leader board of the golf course. If I did, I would get to spend some quality father daughter time. If I didn't I would get to see life from a similar perspective as my daughter for the next week.

    I've been living as a girl for six days now, and I never had so much fun in my life. I feel like I grew closer to my daughter, and I am reluctant to go back to my old life. I talked to my secretary about it, that I would like to remain a girl for a little longer. She told me the only way for that was to become a girl permanently. As alluring as that sounds, I don't think that is a decision I should make alone.
    I'm on my way to my daughter now, and I wonder. Would she prefer me as her father or as her best friend?

    I hope you like my vieuw of the before and after situation, and that it fits to what you wrote.