Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Damien Rescued Ember, Didn't He?

At least that is what HE thinks!

Made this one for Terri, who often comments on others captions, hence why she was on my radar. Not that I don't mind making captions for her anyway, since we can be quite compatible.

She has a persona that has evolved over time, which I will cut and paste what she listed in the preferences of her trading folder:
Ember: Through various captions it has emerged that I have a dark side and her name is Ember. An evil, bitchy slut who strives for power and popularity. She is also very much my dark goth side. She could end up doing anything to anyone...
Yeah, I think I can work with that!

95 percent of the caption traders like to be the typical feminine ideal, but controlled or docile, or what have you .. and have it forced upon them through evil witches or from karma balancing itself out, or at the least be accidental in execution. At this point, its much easier to write for that sort of request, since as someone that tends to be more dominant in nature.

When I saw this picture online, I was like that internet meme, "Shut up and take my money!" I could get so lost in ALL that. Luckily for me, I don't know anyone like that in real life, which is disappointing on one hand, but still it keeps me out of danger! I saw a recursive loop in that if you met her in real life, you'd look at her tits, realize you were and needed to look up again, and then see those eyes. Where can you look away after seeing those eyes .. back at her boobs again? BINGO .. and you are gone!

I knew I had something, but I needed something else to really nail it to the next level. Ok, she was changed, but she seems to be much more in control of the situation than when she was a guy. What was the back story to that, and how can it affect the ending. I thought about the movie Pretty Woman and the stupid last line, and thought, "well, that actually could make sense here!" An absolute stunning beauty WITH the brains of a guy who'd been wronged and a penchant for vengeance is a danger to behold ... as long as you are watching from afar!

While the ending could go so many ways, and I left it that way on purpose, Terri did write a sequel to it, and it stars my bimbo/drag persona, Dee Dee!

So not only did I make a really fun caption, I ended up with a follow up for myself! Sweet!

Anyone know what happened to SteffiMarie and Britney Shagwell's blogs? She has disappeared before but left her blogs up. They both seem to have disappeared. Hate to think they could be overtaken by the spam monsters that have gotten to other TG Caption blogs! Steffi/Britney .. please email me if you are still hanging in there! I had started working on a caption for you and went to your blog and IT WAS GONE!


  1. I noticed their blogs were gone as well. I hope they are still around.

    Great cap Dee, I especially liked the continuation of the cap by Terri. So good

    Job as well Terri.

    xoxoxo Katie Mills

  2. Speaking of lost blogs has anyone heard of Hailey pixels since her blog went down. I saw the message when it first happened but not anything since.
    Both thee original cap and the follow up are brilliant sorta two sides of the same coin and slot in so well to each other

    1. As you mentioned, her initial response was in the comment section of

      She has been conspicuously absent since then, but it was about 2 months ago. Hopefully she is just proceeding carefully before jumping back into our little little subset of the internet.

  3. Both you and Terri did a great job on the caps. I have to say it is quite an acomplishment to get such a fitting sequel, when the lay out is so different.

    I hope you've heard from Steffi/Britney by now. I noticed her blogs were gone a few days before this post, and mailed her about it, but got no answer. I would have asked the question at the Haven, but I got down with an ear infection around the same time, and it became very disturbing to look at a screen for a longer period.

    1. Still haven't yet. Hoping she will write us at some point!