Tuesday, October 21, 2014

YOU Figure Out How You Got That Figure!

Knowing isn't half the battle ... it probably makes it worse!

Made this one for Rockneo a few days ago as a return caption. Obviously when I found the picture, I knew I wanted to caption it, and it definitely inspired me to come up with the idea of "helping" someone if they got the answers right. I wanted to make a caption where the person changed knew exactly what he was before and wasn't dumbed down in any way. I think sometimes when we give the transformed person a new thought process, it takes away some of the embarrassment. This definitely feels more like a "trapped" caption to me.

I am back on antibiotics AGAIN. Hoping this round will do its job and I can get on with my friggin' life. I'd usually be done Christmas Shopping by now! Its also hindered the process of finding another car. I just want my normal, fucked-up life back! AARRGGHH!!


  1. Something borrowed, something blue, something R. Lee Ermey..... Lol!
    Great cap Dee! There would definitely be a huge shock to find yourself in a gorgeous woman's body.
    But to find yourself a soon to be bride. Makes for an interesting situation.

    Xoxoxo Katie Mills

  2. Every sissy's dream! Why is Paula lamenting so? Just go with the flow and soon the flow will be going into you sweet girl.