Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Just Say It! ... Wait? What?

A quickie for Helena being comment #3200!

Made this one the other day when Helena was the magical comment #3200 since the blog came into existence. I think it hits quite a few of her preferences, and hopefully yours too! When I saw the picture, I thought, "She's waiting for him to ask her out on a date!" so bingo! Insta-caption!

The painkillers/Novocaine is wearing off so this is going to be a very quick post. In addition to my other issues, I had an abscess in one of my teeth so I had it removed. Going to eat some soup soon because I really haven't had anything to eat today and I'm famished. Hoping this will be the end of my run of illness, and since I still have 7 days left of antibiotic, I would like to think I can whip all this now. All the fun of having a tooth extracted AND a 400 dollar bill for it since I don't have a dental plan. WHEE! I get to PAY to enjoy the pain!

I'll be back in a day or two with more captions with a bit more write up, I promise! Please check out the previous topic and comment on it. I thought it was very interesting and discussion provoking!


  1. I hope you get over all you aliments soon.
    a fun caption, is the curse getting past on?

    1. The curse getting passed on? Certainly seems like that is going to happen, doesn't it?

  2. LOL, love how you make me answer to a question I expect, instead of really listening to what you have to say, AND I get to look cute as well.
    I hope the curse gets past on, Ian. That would be my continuation.

    I too hope you get over your aliments soon.
    Hmm, something in your post triggered the image of Steve Martin and Bill Murray in Little shop of horrors in my head, although I have to say, this song of Pat Benatar is very fitting too.