Sunday, September 28, 2014

Your Feminine Persona Wears Combat Boots!

or The Customer is ALWAYS right!

Made this caption for RockNeo, a member of the Haven that often comments on captions I've made for others, which definitely got them on my good side. I had some time to kill  last night since I'm still getting over this nasty thing that I am sure everyone is already sick of hearing about!

She loves women in heeled boots, and I had an idea to work around that, so I went on line to find a source picture that would work with my idea. It was quite hard to narrow it down, but I knew I wanted the photo to be an "After" the purchase was made, so that meant a woman walking on the streets. This one sort of jumped out at me and I think it was a great choice for a few reasons, some of them being the almost monochromatic version of color it presents, and there is no one else walking with her to take away from the attention I wanted to give her and her alone.

Here's a piece of what I said in the post:
I wrote this story that you were being obstinate and clueless, but that perhaps the sales lady thought that you were just the type of man that would frequent a place like Rachel's Haven! I mean, if this product existed, you KNOW that the Haven would let everyone know locations on where to buy this item!
Its not out of the question. Guy grabs a pair of boots that "fits him" although the are technically women's boots and he knows THESE are the ones he wants to buy. "Well, sir .. I can be as forward thinking and accommodating as the next person here. I mean, we even have a rainbow flag! Would you like a free pair of pantyho .. ummm, lets call it something else, like more coded. Come back again!"

Then again, as quoted above, The Customer Is Always Right!.If that is what he wants, let him buy it and I'll even use his stupidity against him. Can you tell I don't miss working retail in the slightest?!?

One last bit of knowledge. The store he bought the boots at was an Army Navy Surplus Store. Not sure if everyone knows what those are, but they sell new (and often used) mililtary clothing and gear from a number of different countries. I've bought canvas tarps, shorts, weaponry, boots, and MRE's there, along with the warmest winter coat I've ever warn, which was East German I believe. Its why I came up with the whole idea for a tactical heeled boot .. perhaps in the Pacific they would have camouflage equipment to make soldiers look like ladyboys?!? Who knows?!? Sounded good to me when I was making the caption!

I am planning on putting up a new DIY Challenge around the 1st of October. Haven't chosen the source photo yet. Should I go with something Halloween-ish, or something more mundane?

To continue a thought I had in a reply to a comment from Helena in the last posting, here is a song from Fastway which featured Dve King on vocals.

And now here he is with a more famous band, Flogging Molly, also the lead vocalist.

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  1. Love this cap. We have those Army Navy Surplus Stores around here too, simply called dump stores. I've bought combat boots there. these things never seem to wear down.
    A pair of boots like in this cap. Now that would be something to own.
    I have a feeling military camouflage equipment will become popular in out little community, if only in caps.

    To quote ABBA: Thank you for the music.