Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The One-Handed Cover-Up!

Kind of looks like you are juggling!

Made this one for Leda as a bit of a quickie. She had some pictures in her "I wouldn't mind being .." folder and she had one in there that I knew I had a few others from that set. Once I located them, it was smooth sailing. As I mentioned in the original post in her trading folder on the Haven:
I really wanted to put together a straight-forward TG caption. Sometimes we try to get too fancy with our back stories, when, if we WERE changed in the situation, we'd really want to take advantage of it!
Nothing fancy whatsoever there. Just plows forward until its done. I think that sometimes we as caption creators try to elaborate too much, or throw curve balls out of the blue. "Look at me, I'm clever!" Hell, I know that I'm guilty of this. I am not as sexual about TG captions as many people are. I read most captions, including those written for me, and critique them and look at them rationally as to why I like it, etc .. Sometimes though, I just want to have something that grabs me in that way, you know, THAT WAY! To have a connection in the basest way, something guttural and direct.

If this situation happened to me, I wouldn't want a detailed explanation, whether it was scientific, magical, or what have you. I am in that body to fuck my like-minded girlfriend who is horny and wants to be sexed up in that very moment! Perhaps I might ask, "This is temporary, right?" and hope for an affirmative moan from her but any more communications between the two of us is going to be non-verbal, or confined to, "harder, deeper, faster, right there! UUNNGGGHHHH!"

Perhaps I've said too much though!

One of my favorite songs by the Monkees. Mickey Dolenz is a great singer!
Side Note: The Monkees wrote the song, and gave credit to their producer so he'd get royalties.

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  1. I think if you have a good picture it handles the normal tg part of the equation allowing you to write the back story that brought the picture to be. There are only so many ways you can describe the physical change but a lot more describing how and why it came about.