Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rock of Ages? or Flush the Fashion?

Even straight guys can do magic!

I made this caption tonight for Dawn (Commentator) as I probably owe her a hundred captions or so by this point in time! I know she does them for free, but I do try to keep up with trades, but she deals in volume! Its inspired by a discussion I was having at work today about fashion and how it'd be different if straight men were running it, in that most of the models on the runway look like twinks, because its really run by gay men. Women like Kate Upton and Christina Hendricks would be supermodels in straight men ran Vogue.

Anyway, from there, I decided to twist it around a bit and use the lack of straight men in fashion as a device of change. Why not? I don't think its been used much at all before. If it has, I've not been privy to them!

Now, tonight is the start of the NFL season and I can't wait! As I'm typing this, Seattle just kicked off! I'm looking forward to another great season! So much more fun to watch that college football, which I'm sure everyone would agree, except for Calvin! Need to finish this up so I can watch the game!

Make sure you check out the DIY Challenge and get your submissions in soon. I have two so far and looking forward to many more!


  1. I'm sure the number of caps I've given Dee is only in the double digits but she's fun to cap for. She has much the same warped sense of humor so when she does a cap for me like this it usually resonates. Funny thing is I have a number of concert shirts from when I wrote rock reviews online. I should have dug out the Joan Jett tee to wear. And I did send her a couple of 'photographs' back at the Haven to thank her. And btw that designer looked totally gay!

    1. Of COURSE he "looked" gay. You have to fit in if you wish to succeed.

      Reminds me of a hairdresser friend of my parent's back in the 1980's. He was totally straight, had a wife and 2 kids, etc .. but acted really flamboyant at work because its what the women expected there. All the older women went to have their hair done at Mis-tah Steve's!

    2. I love Dawns blog always plenty of great captions. Why are witches warlocks and genies always so tetchy?
      If straight men designed women's clothes I think it would be low cut tops and short tight skirts every season.

  2. I really like this one. I don't know if it's the colours, the pictures or the story, but something in this is just nice to look at and enjoy.

    I suspect the reason for tetchiness amongst magic users is down to the fact that a. no one believes they really exist and b. they'd have to be pretty up themselves to not use their powers in other ways - so they must look down on non-magic users and, well, I can see it happening.

    Maybe we need women running fashion for women?

  3. Love it. I guess some of the band shirts I purchased, way back, might be the only clean thinghs that would fit me if I was in a situation like that. but after laying in my closet for decades now they might not have a fresh smell;)
    Women creating fashion for women? I get the urge to watch "House of Eliott" again. just love Louise Lombard.