Saturday, September 13, 2014

Down at the The Old Playground

Awww, you don't recognize me Jenkins?

A quickie I made the other day, originally for the upcoming DIY Challenge post reveal, but then I went ahead and made a caption for the challenge so I guess I'll just post this one now! Wasn't made for anyone in particular, and mostly came about due to the way the model was holding her right hand. Sometimes its the oddest things that appeal to me and inspire a caption. As I was writing it, I ended up with this almost "evil" version of Annabelle's Family Tradition captions. Usually her captions end all happy, and this one doesn't quite go the way the family would like, more of how *I* like the captions to end. Dee-vious! Besides, if you wish, you can imagine that she's talking to you. What sort of maid is she going to turn you into? Or perhaps you are the woman getting revenge? Who in your childhood memories are you enslaving?

Remember, there's only 24 hours or so left in the DIY Challenge! Get them in quick!


  1. Lovely, maybe she's not only pointing out the height they were when the last met, but also the height mr. Jenkins will end up with. Imagine little maids with a tray strapped to their heads. You never need to look where to put down your glass, and when it is empty they can fetch a new one. .
    Mini Maids, now there's a concept.

  2. Really REALLY love this one. I kind of imagine this to be something you might have made me before. Either way, it's a LOT of fun and it's got a wicked undertone. Standout work.