Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cheer Up!

You've still got a six pack!

Going to make this as short as possible. I feel like absolute shit, with body aches and heavy congestion. GF is pretty much in the same boat, though a day or two behind where I'm at, so we are not looking forward to the next few days, though I am much more susceptible to chest/head colds.

Anyway, I made this one for Frombowtotoe (Taralyn) from the Haven, who likes big cheerleader hair, and I remembered saving this photo awhile back, so I whipped this up fairly quickly. I've probably made captions like this in the past, but I like the compulsion aspect I built into it, mostly because Taralyn really wants her character to dispise the changes. I think the way I built the spell works well with that, feeding into her hatred to make he smile all the more pleasantly. And why not give her ONE outlet to vent, which would be to get nasty with the actual person who changed her, and no one would really think any the wiser.

God bless Asian/Chinese food delivery services. I am going to finish the Miso Soup we ordered last night. Maybe tomorrow we can graduate to pizza for the football game.Somehow I have to get better for work on Monday as I already took Friday off due to illness.

I'll keep you up to date in case I catch any of the TG viruses out and about in the wild!


  1. Poor thing...take care of yourself. If this caption is you feeling poorly, I'm sure you have amazing ones coming when you bounce back!

  2. I hope you and your girlfriend get well soon.
    Sweet cap with a bite.