Saturday, August 9, 2014

Looks Like You Might Not Be Attending College This Fall After All!

Maybe a few refresher courses will help!

Made this one back in February of 2012 for Steffimarie. I have been combing through the d'archives to make sure I haven't missed too many captions made for the Haven that haven't been posted here. I can say that pretty much everything I've made since March of 2012 has been posted here. Perhaps one might have fallen through the cracks, but every completed caption has since then has been seen either here or on Rachel's Haven. At some point, I'll tackle the beginning of 2012 and go back through 2011. For all I know, I may have even posted this one, but a quick search seems to imply that I haven't yet.

I don't think I really need to explain this caption too closely as its about as straightforward and direct as I can make them! I had found a cache of red headed teenage girls and whipped up a few for Steffimarie all around the same time. I think she was better off going back to freshman year anyway, since I really don't think Ron was quite ready for Simone's Academy yet.

Yeah, I've posted it before .. but who the hell doesn't want to see the video again? LOL


  1. Great cap Dee
    I just wish I was the Ron you were referring to

    1. Well, that IS the power of the Internet. Why can't you imagine it being you?

  2. Fun cap!
    After her name change to Britney, this song is even more appropriate.
    I hope her Tumblr blog gives her what she's looking for, it did give me a nice picture of a redhead with a cup of coffee for a caption.