It was a dark and stormy night. Or was it? I cannot recall it honestly.

Anyway, a voice said to me, "Dee? Sweetie Pie? Shouldn't you enslave the men of this world into the divine pleasures of femininity?"

That was awhile ago, and sure enough, it began to happen .. on Rachel's Haven. Then I started up this crappy blog in 2010. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Birthday Bundle of Joy! .. and DIY Challenge!

What's Labor Day Weekend without a little bit of labor? Breathe! Breathe!

Made this caption for Feargas as a birthday caption 2 for 1 special she was running. If there is any 2 for 1 deals that I can sink my teeth into, I definitely will try my hand at fitting into whatever niche they want. It can stretch my caption making abilities, and of course, getting an extra caption back is always a plus. She likes pregnancy captions and I found what I thought was a lovely, stylish source photo, so it was already half done in my mind, and I think the picture gave me enough to carve out an acceptable story. To increase its "elegance" I went with a different font that I thought worked better with the black background. Do you agree, or should I have gone with my traditional fonts?

Now onto our little DIY Challenge. We headed out to an upscale mall to shop for some new bras for the GF, as they have a Soma store there. Unlike Victoria's Secret, they actually carry foundation garments for real women, up to 44G .. so we don't have to worry as much about "sorry Ma'am, we don't carry that in your size!" They are a bit more expensive than other places, but they do have sales and their saleswomen are quite knowledgeable .. and they are so much sexier than Lane Bryant, etc ...This is what she purchased.

Pretty good as far as I'm concerned, and she likes it .. a lot! Anything that can keep those breast pillows in line makes her happy and when she's happy, I'm happy. Its one thing I've always said. You can be thrifty as hell in your outer clothing, but never cheap out on the under garments. I can't imagine spending 40-50 bucks for a pair of jeans, or a shirt, or anything other than shoes and bras. With those, you find the most comfortable and well-fitting pieces available, made with quality, and you can't go wrong.

So, that inspired me to look through a bunch of old pictures, and find a lovely, alluring model to fashion the DIY Challenge around. I figured that the lovely Violet, who used to be a featured member of Southern Charms, would make a lovely subject photo to inspire your TG captioning dreams. As usual, post your contribution to the "LATEST DIY" tab up top, underneath my banner, and submit it via comment. I'll be updating that section in the next day or two to include the caption setting, and possibly/probably the picture in case you'd like to make your own version of the caption. You can also send it to me via Rachel's Haven. The deadline will be Sunday, September 14 at midnight PST. All types of TG captions could be made, and perhaps even a "transformed into a bra" option is available there. Have fun and be creative!


  1. Wow! I have to admit I've had a similar fantasy many times.

    1. Which one? The pregnancy one, or the one where you have large enough boobs to fill out the pretty bras in today's post? I assume both? I think its both! Has the cheerleader taken you to Soma to be properly fitted?

  2. a great caption I have developed a taste for pregnancy captions of late.
    don't know why but in your comments above I was thinking of mink lined boxer shorts. Cosy !
    I love the D I Y photo and the any theme goes

    1. I would imagine that mink lined boxer shorts would smell pretty funky pretty quickly!

  3. Lovely sweet caption. This one asks for a follow up, what happens after Lisa gave birth.
    Lisa's birthday is on August 29th? That's the same date as our Haven Witch Felicia's birthday.
    I miss the calendar at the Haven, and I hope it can be restored, after the things with higher priority are done.
    If not, I'll have to check people's profiles a lot more frequent.

    Lingerie shopping with the GF. I liked to do that as well with my exes. It is surprising how many girls go for the ill fitting cheap bra, while it is such a mood killer. When we were in the heat of the moment, the darn thing started to itch them, poke them etc. Anyway that's mostly the time to go to my equivalent of the candy store;)

    Steel Panther, fun Metal band. It seems to me they are for Metal what the Toy Dolls are for Punk.

    1. The fun thing about Steel Panther is that a few of the guys were actually in real bands back in the 90's. The singer was in LA Guns for a little while, and has sung backup on a few AFI CD's. Their guitarist was in Rob Halford's band after Judas Priest, Fight, and has performed with Sebastian Bach and Corey Taylor among others. They'll be opening for Judas Priest this fall on a national tour,

      The GF certainly has her share of 5 dollar bras, but as time goes by, we've been trying to replace them with better ones. I'd rather she spend her money on that then stupid shit!

    2. This means even more goodies to check out. By the way, does it show in my comments that I'm listening to the Toy Dolls a lot lately :)

      In the end a good quality bra lasts a lot longer and gives more comfort. For my own lingerie I go for the brands "Chantelle" or "Marie Jo". I like it comfy for myself as well;). Nowadays over the internet, in my younger and more bold days I have been to lingerie stores for myself as well. I only wish I would have been bold enough to fit it. Not just the pretence of buying a gift for a girlfriend.

    3. Being a big girl I got the majority of my bras from Lane Bryant. Their favorite line Cacique used to be full of colorful sexy bras and a lot appeared on eBay relatively cheap. I had D cup forms so when I went to the plastic surgeon about implants I filled the molded plastic holder for the forms with water to find out how many cc' s it held so I would still be able to use all the pretty bras I bought. And I am still using them today!