Sunday, July 20, 2014

We Saw a Cabin in the Woods, Try Not to Scream!

Apparently I hadn't posted this one a few weeks ago!

Made (and posted) this one to Lady Harmony a few weeks ago, and then promptly forgot to post it here! I need to actually go through all my captions and figure out which one I've actually posted here before so that I won't post repeats AND avoid skipping over captions I thought I posted! Its hard when you have such a large backlog but mostly want to feature newer works.

This caption is sort of meta in style, in that they've figured out they are in a horror movie construct. I came up with the idea when I saw the picture and I spent about 5 minutes trying to find something creepier with prom type girls in it, and then gave up. I figured, its not really that necessary to the plot since this photo was about 85 percent of what I wanted anyway. Besides, then I can let the text catch readers off guard a bit. 3 sentences in and they are running away from an insane guy that turned them into women and they tried to kill them? Why would they possibly be standing there chatting casually?

Hopefully Daphne and I decided to take off our heels. I mean, how the hell do you escape a psychopath in heels? We could always go shoe shopping once we are safe and sound!


  1. Cool cap!
    There are not enough horror movie based caps around. And I know it is not easy, having it look cute, while making it creepy.
    I did something like this some time ago for Felicia, our Haven Witch, called "Playtime for Licy". It was based on "the Texas Chainsaw Massacre." I have a feeling you will like that one as well.
    I have to admit, I would never have come up with a scenario like this based on the picture you used.

  2. A great and fun caption. love the way they switch between their former marine and current bimbo life.
    lets hope they sort it out but not before they make the escape.

  3. I love that they're conditioned to dress up as well...

    1. Glad you liked that! Hypnosis and embedded compulsions are a favorite of mine!

    2. Is a new compulsion embedded... or simply accepting you like it? ;)

  4. Cool cap Dee... I hope there is a sequel to "Cabin in the Woods".
    Anyway I was just thinkin' of ya and thought I'd stop by and say Hi.... so HI!

    Love ya soooooo much,
    Steffie (the shy)

    1. Holy fucking shit! A Steffie appearance! I knew you'd show up cuz a few days ago I had a tortilla that had an image of you in it! I'd have kept it, but I mean, I was really hungry and I certainly can't eat roasted chipoltes with cubed tofu in anything else but a tortilla shell!

      This totally made my week! So glad you were thinking about me cuz I think about you too sweetie!

      Dee (the blameless one!)