Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I Can't Believe They Think I'm THAT Insensitive!

Its always good to be self-aware, right?

Made this one a few minutes ago, and its one of my favorites over the last month. I seem to break out the short but sweet captions for Ron from Rachel's Haven. His work has always been straight to the point, and really made me hone my craft from when I started, so I try to make the same sort of captions for him as well.

Pretty much I charge straight ahead with your typical "cliched" caption setup that you've seen time and time again. I've got you thinking, how in the hell is Dee going to pull the wool over our eyes and give us some incredible twist that makes M. Night Shamallamadingdang sleep with the covers over his head .. and instead, I go right to the punchline like some rookie comedian at the Improv on a Monday amateur night. Bang! Zoom! Writing like you'd see in "According to Jim" !!

Anyway, I hope everyone likes it. Trust me, if this caption actually happened to me in my 20's, I probably would've said the SAME thing as Ron did here.


  1. It's a very fun caption - packs a bit more of a punch than normal plus I love the image. I like when your zingers work so well.

  2. HI Dee I have just been catching up on all your caption I've missed the last month. Gutted I missed the D I Y.
    Its been a month to forget but hopefully getting back to normal now. great posts as always.

    1. I can't tell you how happy I am that you are back. When you read a few of the past posts you'll notice I was concerned about where you went! Well, hopefully you'll be able to forget the month and put it behind you and get back to a normal routine/life. Glad you dropped by and let us know you are hanging in there!

    2. I did notice and thank you for caring x