Saturday, June 14, 2014

Loose Cars and Fast Women .. What Was That Saying Again?

Jeepers Creepers .. on the Fast Track!

Sorry about not posting last night. The Stanley Cup Finals were on and went deep into double overtime! What a series. If soccer was anywhere near as exciting as hockey, I might actually watch a game or two. Anyway, now its a sports void until Football Training Camp happens in a few weeks. I am just teasing the Red Sox a bit, as they've been pretty abysmal so far. Hoping they can pick up their game a bit and actually try to defend their World Series Championship!

Anyway, here's a quick recap of this caption. Made it for Hoseyguy a little over a year go as a welcome caption. At the time I said:
You did say you were a bit of a gear head so I hope this is right up your alley all the way into the garage!
Since his screen name contains the word HOSE in it, I had a feeling this picture would work really well .. hot chick in hosiery posing on a creeper .. seems like a no-brainer! I made it seem like "she" was a bit oblivious, and kept it vague to whether he knew exactly what was going on or not. To me, it makes it a better caption, though your results might vary!

Figured I would throw up the last caption I posted too. If you missed it, due to its mellow caption name or relaxing and clean picture, you'd give it another chance.

1 comment:

  1. I would be jealous, especially if I don't get the opportunity to look like that.
    This is definitely a case were the parts were changed to improve the subject.
    Great cap.

    Your previous cap may look clean, but it is pretty dark. I love it.