Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hope you find a really good girlfriend Damien!

Well, hopefully I have one coming soon!

As per what I had said when I posted this in Terri's folder a few weeks ago ...
I was trying to do my best to make you a caption where you were in the middle of a transformation, and I think I found a picture that worked perfectly, in that its obvious its a woman, but with the large shirt and boyish hair cut and only some makeup .. it made a convincing case for the half way point. I was also trying to make it cunning and ominous yet sweet at the same time. Hope I succeeded on all the points.
As I've mentioned most of this month, I was trying to do some things differently. I've done some mid-change captions in the past, and I thought it might be fun to do another, especially since I thought the source picture lent itself well to the idea. Here is another picture from the set, the one the gave me the idea to do a mid-change caption ...

 I choose the one for the caption that gave me enough space to lay down my text without interfering too much with her body, and also gave as full of a body shot as possible, including heels.

When I was done, I didn't like the way I had set up the dialog between Damien and Terri. She was saying something and then gave him a compliment, and the response  was to answer the first part of her statement. The reason why I did it was I wanted to make sure I had enough room for what I had to say and that way it fit the spaces within the caption. I didn't like the flow though at all.

However, writing a realistic conversation is much better when you have a banter going, snappy and filled with responses. Someone drives the conversation and the other replies, and then the dynamics can change and the other person leads the chat. I think I fixed the issue for the most part in the final version that is posted at the top. The "thanks." in the original was replying to the compliment, and at first I was going to get rid of it, but when I rearranged it, I thought it fit in more of a sarcastic response to the "nothing in common" line, so I kept it. Lastly, I added the "She's a keeper!" line to give it a touch of the sweet. I figured that Damien had figured out that his friend was a perfect mate, except for that whole pesky "being a guy thing" so he was taking steps to fix that AND settle down, even if he had to go to great lengths to make it happen for the good of both of them.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! If you get a chance, try to watch the new show, Penny Dreadful, on Showtime. I guess it airs on Sunday nights, and there's been 3 episodes so far. Wonderful story so far and the sets are awesome. Its set in London in 1891, and so far has elements of Frankenstein, Dracula, Picture of Dorian Gray, Jack the Ripper and more


  1. Gotta agree on 'Penny Dreadful', great looking show, And for those of similar taste how about 'American Horror Story', (season 2 'Asylum' my favorite!) Who says TV is only mindless trash!

  2. Fun cap Dee. I have to admit that I didn't quite get it until the second read as I thought the girl in the pic was the one doing the talking.

    GREAT song choice! I absolutely love Short Skirt Long Jacket. It's one of those song that I'll interrupt just about anything to listen to, and one of the few where I actually listened to the prose. "Eyes that burn like Cigarettes", and "Fingernails that shine like Justice" always bring a smile to my face.

    Hmm.... I heard from a friend (a friend who's television tastes I respect) that Penny Dreadful was just terrible. Now I have a glowing recommendation from you... I guess I'll just have to watch it to make up my own mind. By the by... the same friend that hated Penny Dreadful LOVED American Horror Story's Asylum.

    1. Ummm, the dialog is between Damien (off camera) and Terri (the on-screen guy turning into girl.) I guess I'm going to have to keep track of my dialog in the near future as this is the 2nd time in a week people haven't followed what I've been writing, which is probably my fault. Perhaps I could've made her text go from blue to pink whilst talking.

      I've read some harsh comments as well. It might be that its pretty literate, but then will have a decapitation 2 minutes later. Also, because its on cable, they do have some "adult situations" thrown in to let you know, "its not regular TV." I did some research and there are people from Dr. Who in it like Billie Piper amongst others. My roommate loves Byron and Oscar Wilde, and she is pretty much in love with Victor Frankenstein and adores the portrayal of Dorian Grey. Might be a bit too gory for my girlfriend so I haven't tried showing it to her yet. I haven't seen episode 3 yet, and episode 4 airs tonight but so far, its lots of fun to watch.

    2. *facepalm*

      My bad… I just wasn’t in the right mindset when I read it the first (and second) time. Here’s how my thinking went “Good dialoge, but it can’t possibly be the person in the pic as they would obviously know something is going on… I mean the heels alone would let him/her know something is happening and wipe that confident tone out of his/her voice”. I rethought it and… “AH HA! It’s Damien and someone else talking and this is what’s happening behind the scenes… the guy is changing just as Damien is saying it (btw, I had to stop writing this to cue up the song again… LOVE that song!), and soon enough Damien will introduce this newly transformed guy to the person he is speaking too!”

      Yeah… does it count as irony that I was oblivious to an oblivious cap? Either way it’s read, I think it’s a fun cap!

  3. Cake will always have a special place in my heart . . . the band too! Love that song!

  4. Great cap. This time I did get it right who did the talking, and when.

    Penny Dreadfull sounds good, but looking at the things ahead for me next week or so, I think I'll just wait when it aires here.