Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Steffi's Got a Place to 'Room'inate!

Good friends are hard to find .. and keep!

So I am continuing on my path this May of "question everything!" when it comes to caption making. Unlike others I've made though, this one is actually made for someone, namely the recently returned "Britney Shagwell" aka also "Steffi". I had a caption in mind for her with a twist, and her return (lets hope she sticks around for awhile!) coincided with me trying my hand at working around some cliches, so that original nugget was a great start to what I was trying to accomplish.

Britney has a certain style of caption she loves to make, but also takes pains to try to keep them all feel different. Its to her credit that they never seem like the "same old, same old" and I wonder if that is why she heads offline from time to time, as I can imagine that stress involved in coming up with something totally unique again and again. I'm sure burn out and real life are huge factors, but if I were her, I would definitely need a vacation if I had to generate her quality and quantity!

Anyway, I was trying to make a Britney/Steffi caption, with a Britney/Steffi twist and a Dee sensibility. Actually, that isn't QUITE true. I took it as read that what was referenced in the beginning WAS already a Steffi caption and I was just bringing it along further .. the "what comes next" aspect I often ask you the readers to supply details about in my captions here on this blog.

In many of the captions we create, even if the protagonist gets a happy ending, its muted in a "he has to be a girl but at least ..." As Mick Jagger would say, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need." I wanted Steffi to get her full fledged moment in the sun where everything worked out as best as could be. I didn't want to adhere to those sorts of cliches either, so I tried to tread lightly and not be exuberant.

Perhaps Britney has made a caption like this one already. It can be really hard to keep up with her voluminous output. I'm hoping I didn't, and I'm definitely not sure if she's put her sister in tighty whiteys but it was fun to imagine this happening. I can already see the next step in the series. Mom makes Tommy eat lots of gassy and greasy foods, Mountain Dew, and play video games with Ron's old friends when they aren't hanging out at the comic boo store. I can only imagine the embarrassment of Tommy farting in front of her former friends!

Ok, so sometimes I neglect the dance/r&b side of music. I was a DJ but really sided much more with rock/metal/punk because I love noise. I might highlight a few of the jams I used to spin to get the room shakin'. You can't deny this song has such a bounce!


  1. Well, I guess "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU" comes first.. :)

    I love the cap!!! You have me totally beaten when it comes to quick and funny, and I know crossdressing/sissy isn't your main wheelhouse, so I REALLY appreciate the effort!

    I must confess I have NEVER turned the tables in such a manner on Tammy or Colene, my fave fictional sisters, and you totally put a smile on my face :) The pic just suits the caption story perfectly.... The 3 "mean girls/popular girls", with the pretty new girl off to the side... matching expressions of "we know we're hot, too bad you're not!".... Just too school for cool, if you get my drift !


    P.S. Thanks for all of the praise... I'm pretty sure you overstated, but I adore the sentiment :)

    1. Glad you liked it! I am surprised you haven't pulled one over on Tammy or Colene .. after all this time, you'd think you'd have come out on top a few times! Then again, perhaps its like Charlie Brown and his baseball team, when you finally win one it'll be a huge celebration!

  2. It certainly has a blend in terms of appeal. Very funny and it's a good twist on the revenge theme. I don't think I've seen someone pull this outcome before and I like it a lot!

    I too am very glad Steffi is back - she's always been a friend and her work has been a lot of fun to see.

  3. Hilarious cap, What you said about Tommy farting in front of her friends, made me think of a You Tube clip: "Why girls don't fart." In light of that, maybe that is what Tammy needed.