Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stop Staring at Me Dude!

My face is up here Buddy!

Here's a quickie I made a five(!) years ago for Kat, who as you can see, likes to be really well endowed in the chest, so why not indulge her? I don't think anyone else seems to mind either!

I've got some captions I made recently that I really like coming up, including one I made for Terri which I remodeled after I thought I was done. I saved the original, so I'll be doing a comparison between the two and why I changed what I had originally done.

Also, I might do the same for another caption that I made, but I just don't like the wording and phrasing I used, and it feels disjointed. That one might be a week away before posting, I guess depending on if/when I feel more comfortable with the final result.

Next up should be a caption I made for Transmute the other day that I created as sort of a reverse TG cliche caption. It can be a lot harder to make those since you have to really pull back the shortcuts we tend to use to make people understand what's going on without using more words. You'll have to tell me if I succeeded or failed in that endeavor!

So, hopefully I will have stirred up your curiosity enough to keep popping back in here for the next week or two. There is still a few days left to get in your DIY .. go back a few days to find it here on the blog .. as sometime Friday night is the deadline I believe. My goal is to work on them over the weekend, post them to the Haven on Sunday Night and follow it up here next week!


  1. Fun older cap Dee!

    It's funny how everyone approaches particular fetishes. How no matter how general your fetish is (I like boobies!), that it can be divided and subdivided. I like to consider myself a breast man... I like em small and pert, I like em beg and bouncy... but that is a distinct point where 'big' becomes 'unnaturally large and out of place'. When I look at the image you used, I don't see big breast to smile at, I see a problem with physics. I don't think of my pleasure or consider her pleasure... I wonder if she needs to see a doctor or at least a physical therapist so that she walks properly.

    Just an odd observation.

    As for wetting our appetites for future posts; I may be a bit biased, but I don't think you have to worry about such things. I'll always flit in and out to see what you are up to!

    1. I can definitely understand that thinking in real life, but here in fantasy land .. BOOBIES!

      I think anything more than a D cup is probably rough to deal with, especially on a small frame. My daughter is a 34D cup on a 5'2" frame, so its pretty noticeable. My GF is larger and chestier too, I think she's 40DD though she probably should be the next size up.

      My daughter blames ME for when her back aches. "If you didn't like big boobed women I'd have a much smaller rack!" and I was like, "umm, so no matter who I knocked up, YOU would've been the result, not your mother and whoever she was having sex with?" and she's like, "Duh, look at you and look at me? Do I look anything like mom?" and she does have a point with that!

  2. cool boobies... I mean caption

  3. Fun caption.
    This reminds me of a discussion I had once with one of my colleagues. Due to the work we were doing, we couldn't face each other, but we could talk just fine.
    Apparently there had been a survey at that time, according to which the largest part of the man, were breast man, I believe one in four, or five, I don't know the exact figures anymore, went for the butt, and a very small percentage would look at a girls eyes. She was very pleased with me I could tell her the colour of her eyes, without looking at her.
    This girl has lovely eyes too.