Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not Enough Options .. and 3.5 Million Views!

You people kick ass . you truly do!

Went to see the stats for the day, and VIOLA (or trombone, depending on if you saw Caitlyn's post for me earlier today) I noticed that we hit 3.5 million views sometime today! Too fucking cool! I know not everyone celebrates every half million, but for me, it took some time for each milestone until recently, so at this point, it's (a) a marker to keep track of when I hit milestones, and (b) another chance to thank everyone for being along for the ride. I have almost 2800 comments now .. 2800!! .. and yeah, some of them are my replies, but I think that is what the comments section is for, giving ideas, thoughts, and feedback between the viewers and the creator. With almost 600 posts on the blog now, that is an average of 4-5 comments per post .. and once again than you for having a dialog with me .. its so much better than me talking to a wall or the stray cats that live outside the apartment.

An inspiration is what you are to me, inspiration, look... see.

I am not sure if I am posting tomorrow, but I should have my "Easter" caption up on Saturday night or Sunday morning. It all depends on what time we get back from the GF's family gathering. Actually, if we get back at a decent hour, we might head to Karaoke since my daughter now has yet another job, working as a waitress at a restaurant/bar. She already has a following there as she's quite a cutie AND quite the singer .. she is a chip off the old block!


  1. Oh my...a whole weekend!!!!! I wonder what a path of sexual devastation I could cut if I had a hot womans body for a whole weekend!!!

    And Led Zep too! Dee I think I'm in love!!!!

    Congrats on 3.5 million! Hard work deserves success!!!


  2. And so today, my world it smiles, your hand in mine, we walk the miles

    Congratulations on 3.5 million views, for me you made it a pleasure to visit you. The wonderful caps, your inspiring posts in wich you share your secrets of the trade and give an insight in the house of Mentia, and of course the great music.

    I hope many more will follow.

  3. Congrats on the milestone Dee! It's just further evidence that you run a quality blog with quality captions that inspire quality conversation!

  4. Like you Dee, I don't watch the "numbers" super closely. However, when you reach a milestone such as you have, it is an encouraging indicator of how many people are moved or affected in a positive way by your creativity. It is also a recognition that you have a community around you, an aspect of blogging that is very important to those of us who are diligent in maintaining our blogs. Congrats to you and I am so glad to count myself among your followers.



  5. Well done you on the 3.5m I can only echo the comments above, great captions, great blogs and cool music.

  6. Three and a Half Million. Quite the accomplishment. Loki is green with envy, oh wait, I always wear green. Hope the next 3.5 Million are equally as much fun. >:)

  7. 3.5 million!? That's just plain awesome!

    Also, envy inducing, but you knew that! A testament to your quality and your ability to provoke thought and debate. Bravo, senorita, bravo!