Saturday, April 12, 2014

Less Questions or More Answers?

Sometimes you just need to grit your teeth and smile!

I am having a very good weekend after a very stressful week in my personal life and at work. Everything is coming to a head there, and I cannot wait for what will hopefully be a slow down in the next week or two.  Plus with the Easter weekend coming up, I am having some apprehension with visiting relatives. They know that I'm not supposed to eat meat, but often forget, and get pissed when I bring some of my own food so I won't starve. For the first time, we are visiting the GF's relatives for Easter, and I've yet to bring food along and I'm afraid they are really going to be offended. I am researching a few options where I can prepare something for myself but invite others to partake in it, though "Fake meat" is often much more expensive than the real thing. Its also a big strain on my GF whenever we go out to eat, because she's really a meat and potato kind of person that hates salads, and veggies other than corn. I think if we had a Golden Corral buffet around here, it might be a bit better for us, but I really can't handle going to a steak house very often. If you don't believe me, look at a Texas Roadhouse menu. Even the salad has meat on it!

Anyway, the weekend weather has been fantastic, and I think it even hit 70 degrees outside. We did a decent amount of cleaning in the kitchen and dining room, so we can actually SEE our table now! We don't really eat at a table here since our work schedules are quite different so when we are together, we usually just take our plates into the living room and eat in front of the television.  Very classy I know, but when one person works a first shift, and the other works second, the weekends are about it, and we usually are out and about on Saturday and Sunday. We got to open up the windows and let some fresh air in, and that means the winter curtains come down and the lighter ones go up tomorrow.

We also should be swapping the clothing bins, bringing out the summer clothing and putting away all the warm gear that was much needed these last 5 months. The pantry will also be cleared out, and we'll donate all the soups and other canned goods we didn't use but will expire soon to the local food pantry. They need the food so badly, that I know it won't go to waste or expire.  Pretty soon it will be time to break out the Air Conditioner units!


Made the above caption for Marissa, who likes hypnosis. With a Haven name of "hypnofeminizeme" I would guess that would be a given! She supplied the picture, and believe it or not, the thing that drew me to the photo was her really white teeth. I thought, "who, whoever changed her must've spent a fortune on the transformation!" and that worked its way into the caption itself. I also am pretty sure that she is tied to a wheelchair, which is a great device to use in bondage. You won't have to carry the sub around .. just push him/her wherever you need them to be! I was in complete "evil genius gives a monologue blah blah blah" mode when I wrote it. Who doesn't want to gloat about what they have accomplished and the victim is all the better for having heard. You really don't want to keep things like that a secret, eh?

I wrote a caption a few weeks ago, and intend to post it for Easter morning.  Its hard to sit on something for a few weeks when you really want people to see it and hope that they like it. I am hoping that everyone will feel like it was worth the wait. Is that a good enough teaser? LOL


  1. Fun Cap Dee! You just have to love a well presented evil genius monologue!

    The weather has turned a corner around these parts too. 71 degrees yesterday. I briefly had my AC on in the car, got the summer wheels put on, and had trouble sleeping because my bedroom got up to, and remained at, 74 degrees.

    I don't see how people could get offended if you bring your own food when they don't provide food that you will eat. It's not as though you are saying 'Oh I hate eating this food you create!'... you've made a choice to not eat meat and they aren't respecting your choice.

    There was this one steak house (I think it was in Louisville, but I don't remember), that bragged about their vegetarian dishes. It seems as though most places would have at least one or two good vegetarian dishes that AREN'T salads.

  2. I tried a meat free diet once but my teeth started to become loose. I don.t think my body was meant to survive on bake beans and nut cutlets. you would not have wanted to be in a windowless room with me either !

  3. I agree with Caitlyn on your cap, and after reading her comment, I almost expect to hear the mad laughter at the end.

    Frankly I would be terribly embarrassed if my guests would feel the need to bring their own food, because I forgot about their needs. In my opinion I would be a bad host. Even with one of my friends who has allergies, he needs to be very careful what he eats, doesn't need to worry. But I am glad his GF helps me doing the groceries when they come over;).