Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Administative Assistants Day 2014!

You DID remember to reward your underlings in the office today, right?

I didn't want to let another Admin. Asst. Day go by without acknowledging it with a caption, and I knew just the person that should receive it. Sarine Davis (aka Belladonna on Fictionmania) has done so many great TG Office stories over the years, that I felt it was my duty to make something to show her how much I appreciate her work. Of course, I REALLY had to boil down the plot so that it would fit into a caption space, so there is no room for any sort of subtlety or nuance like there would be in a story written by Belladonna, but I could definitely see this as a blurb to one of her stories.

Today at our office, many people were off-site, but we made plans to celebrate it on Thursday by heading to the sushi bar for Happy Hour. I like to think of it as a team building exercise for one, and a chance to show appreciation for all the hard work. At least that is how I look at it, since I will be one of the people appreciated with free food and drink! WOOHOO!

I am going to have some free time on Saturday morning, especially if the weather is shitty .. anything you'd like to see captioned? A certain plot point, model, genre or other idea you'd fancy to see in a TG caption? Let me know as I'm hoping to make at least 3-4 captions over the weekend!


  1. Well, if you have some time for a few captions, I am finally running a caption contest: - ;p

  2. I have never heard of this day before but as I have no subordinates guess that doesn't matter,

    1. I believe it used to be "Secretaries Day." We still call it that, well "Secretaressedag" that is, over here in the Netherlands. Although it was celebrated here on the on the 17th. A niece of me got flowers at work. Her first secretary job, and she only started a few weeks ago.

      Lovely cap Dee,
      I wouldn't mind if the blue collar workforce would have a day to be celebrated once in a while. As yours, we also are a group whose value for a company is greatly underrated. Although I have to admit, MY boss appreciates all of his employees, and tries to organize something for all of us every year.

  3. Yes. Originally, it was called Secretaries Day, but now it includes all sorts of administrative positions under its umbrella so as not to discriminate.

    Helena, most companies should at least have a summertime picnic and holiday party to make sure the employees feel valued and be social with everyone else in the company they most often don't see on a day to day basis.