Monday, March 3, 2014

Maybe I'm bitchy Because You Don't Listen to Me!

or maybe I really AM a bitch!

This caption was for Elysia, aka the former Argus that so many people would recognize under that name. She mentioned wanting captions with a "corrupted by clothing" sort of vibe. I've read a few stories like that, and enjoy them but there is only so much you can do with clothing touches you and now you have big tits. I wanted something a bit more subtle, and that is what you get here.

If you can't tell, over the next year, the clothes are going to make him into a bitchy, domme type woman, with the definite training that Dee will be giving him. I mean, how is a bra supposed to fit you properly if you don't have large enough breasts yet to fill them! Such a nice little trap to spring on someone so honorable they would live up to the dare, no matter what the consequences .. though I'm sure if he actually heard her he might not have even gone through it the first time!

I love the source photo, and I wanted to make sure the story was a good match. I went with a much more simplistic textural background as I didn't want to take any undue attention from the picture, and in a deliberate design choice, made a yin-yang red/black counterpoint between the two. Not sure how many people would notice it right away, but I did do it that way. Among other reasons of aesthetics, it draws your eyes back to the focal point of her heels, which leads you up to the rest of her. Its also why I didn't crop the top of the picture at all. It could be considered superfluous, but to me, it was perfectly composed into thirds. The top being that red color swath, the lower part where her heels are most prominent, and the middle which contained everything else. It was so perfectly composed and balanced, I didn't want to upset the apple cart.

I'll be back again tomorrow or Wednesday, goddess willing. Anyone looking to get in on the DIY challenge, the deadline to enter will be this Sunday.


  1. a great caption and I love the lay out.

  2. I love the design choices you made here Dee. You're right, I didn't immediately notice the balanced 'yingyang' of your background coloring, but it certainly helps establish and maintain that pleasing balance. I'm not sure we'd miss it if you'd gone in another direction but I'm fairly sure that the cap wouldn't be as neatly composed.

    I actually think you made a great choice in not cropping out the top of the photo. While it does help maintain that rule of thirds, it also helps demonstrate why she's bending down and touching her leg. If you'd cropped it too close you'd wonder if she was ducking under something. So by leaving that space in you've helped visually demonstrate that she's focusing in on her shoes.