It was a dark and stormy night. Or was it? I cannot recall it honestly.

Anyway, a voice said to me, "Dee? Sweetie Pie? Shouldn't you enslave the men of this world into the divine pleasures of femininity?"

That was awhile ago, and sure enough, it began to happen .. on Rachel's Haven. Then I started up this crappy blog in 2010. Enjoy!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Got a Bad Feeling About This!

Or do you think his day is picking up nicely?!?

Made this one today when I had a bit of time before the GF got home from work. When I saw this picture, it gave me the idea that this crossdresser is trying to get back to the house before his wife gets home and can catch him dressed up. From there, for some reason, I saw a horror movie developing, but your results may vary!

Perhaps for those who want this more as a fantasy, Hank is a hunk of a man, perhaps driving the protagonist's wife home as a chauffeur. Did she perhaps notice her husband's car on the side of the road and wonder why there was a hot blonde looking underneath the hood? In THIS scenario, I think the blonde is that good friend of the blog .. Leeanne!

Either way, trying to talk your way out of it was a good start. Hank upped the ante a bit though, so what would you do next? Expose yourself as a cross-dressed man on a kinky little vanity cruise and hope he gets weirded out but doesn't hurt you? Keep pretending and have to do something to get him to either fix your car or leave you alone? Have him find out the little secret and enjoy it even more, making you do something even more embarrassing than what is already going on?

Let me know what you think is going to happen with our protagonist, Hank the Tank, and the wife that is arriving home soon! And yes, I think subconsciously I was thinking of this video when I was making the caption .. or at least writing it up here on the blog!


  1. Pressed for time and pretty sure I won't be able to convince Hank to leave I give him my best smile and tell him that if he can start the car we can work out a special payment deal! He quickly assesses the problem and using the exact same solution I had in mind the car is soon idling as he grins at me.
    I start to tell him how grateful I am but I an a faithful wife and how I could never...
    He stops me smiling and says "Really sweet thing, who do you think you're fooling? Why don't you stop wasting're wife's gonna be wondering where you are! I think a nice blowjob will pay for everything, so why don't you get down on your pretty knees and get busy!"
    As I sank to my knees I looked at the time, OMG I hope I can make him cum fast!

    1. Love the whole thing Kaaren! I figured we'd have a few people here with a really good imagination!

  2. I know you don't do long form stories but this caption has all the makings of one. I can see this going dark, I can see it going sensual or light. As a whole the caption has your trademark style and I see why you selected the image. These are the best qualities of your work on display.

    1. The picture really drew me in and since you can't see her face, I figured that people could see themselves in it if they wished. I guess with this one, I was trying to "jump start" a personal fantasy for anyone that wished to have their mind taken there. Hopefully I succeeded in that!

  3. I think our hero(ine) would try and bluff her way playing the helpless maiden/car diz. Hank would make out the problem is far worse, despite knowing there is a simple fix she can't now let on and has to accept a tow but hanks garage is even further from home.
    PS have you forgotten the last D I Y post ?

    1. There was only a reply from you so I was holding off to see if anyone else would post but its been over a month now so I'll post it the next time I throw something up here!

  4. Love the caption.
    I would probably show Hank my ANWB (basically the Dutch AAA) membership and tell him they are on their way. As an ending to your caption I think this is a nice ending too.

    *At first it seemed like Hank was genuinely trying to help me, but after he fixed the car he tried to overpower me. While I am stronger than I look, normally I wouldn't be able to fight of a guy his size. The fear of what he would do to me, and the worries about my wife finding out gave me unexpected strength. The dent his head made in his truck was when I threw him of me enormous. A smile cracked on my face when I thought of all the cartoons I watched when I was a child. Would his face be visible if he had hit the truck different?

    But now all my worries came back. The wife would be home soon, and I couldn't leave that giant of a man here. He might come after me when he regained consciousness. Not having a better plan I put Hank in my trunk and drove home. Luckily I was there before my wife arrived, so I dragged Hank to the cellar where I bound and gagged him.

    It has been months since that incident, and only a small article in the local newspaper about finding Hank's truck, and him missing. Apparently nobody missed him. In my cellar, Trina Trabant is coming along nicely. The hormones and the training are doing wonders to her. Soon I have to decide what to do with her.
    Until I do, it's a good thing my wife never enters the cellar.*

    To quote Ian: "Have you forgotten the last D I Y post ?"
    I know my entry wasn't so great, but still, I am curious what Ian's entry would look like as a full cap.

    1. DOH! I forgot that you had emailed me something for it! I'll get on it and we'll have the DIY posting VERY SOON!