Monday, March 31, 2014

Don's Got the Scoop .. or Is It Two Scoops? New DIY Challenge too!

It's Dawn reporting live from the Haven Newsdesk! News on the two's!

Made this one about a week ago for Dawn (Commentator on the Haven) and to be honest, I'm not quite sure why I went with sex-changing aliens for the caption. Actually, my first thought was probably with Putin and the Ukraine, and unconventional warfare. I am not sure if its a global menace or something from outer space, but Dawn is definitely looking at it!
Thanks for commenting on my blog post where I talked about a caption I made for you here on the Haven. Redundancy is alive and well here!

Anyway, I was thinking about you when I saw this photo on the interwebz and thought about a news reporter, hence YOU are that person!

The moral of the story for people following along ... comment on people's captions and they may end up making you a caption!
So now I am referencing a post I made on the Haven about how she made a comment on my blog post which I had posted to the Haven. Not quite inception, but it'll have to do! So remember to comment and you might star in one of these captions someday!

Here is the latest DIY challenge. Tried to get a bit more romantic, steamy, or whatever you'd like to call this one! I hope it inspires people to create something exciting and fun.

I can, and will edit the picture and caption setting as needed, because I wanted to have enough space for someone to write a few paragraphs on the side, and/or underneath. If you are long-winded enough, I can use both the side and the bottom. Not sure it would work to the right, so we''ll just call that spot a dead area and maybe I'll put the creators name and DIY over in that position.

Won't be around tomorrow. The guys who used to be MST3k, now called Rifftrax, will be on the National Geographic Channel, Tuesday, April 1 from 8 PM to 11 PM EST making fun of a bunch of animal short subject films and shows from the channel itself. Gonna be 3 hours of bliss!


  1. It could have been worse and turned me into an old lady - like a geriatric version of In Depends Day!

  2. My DIY
    Welcome to your new life sweetheart! You've been under sedation for months now! It cost me every cent I have but I think ir was worth it. Your old life is gone sweetie, everyone you knew has syopped looking for you! Everything you owned is gone! Every thing you have is right here right now!
    You don't even own your T-shirt and panties...they belong to me!
    You are a baby girl at the first step of a new life and I just want to you still love me even after all this?
    The kiss was hard abd passionate and the love that followed was beautiful and satisfying beyond measure!
    She had given him the life...the world..that he'd always dreamed of..As he dipped his tongue into her again he knew that somehow this was all just the way it should be,,,,,she had set him free!!!

    1. Glad to see that you are taking part in the DIY! Results should be up in a little over a week or so.

      I think I'll have until Sunday for a deadline, since Hailey seems to get a number of entries to her contests with only 6 days to enter. We shall see how many we get for this one .. I am hoping for plenty because this picture is pretty open ended and also seductive in a way that sneaks up on you!

  3. Fun cap.

    Uhm... I hope it's okay to make two entries for your DIY? I guess this one really inspired me.

    My first DIY, two lifelong wishes and dreams that never happened. it's a bit long .

    >My Angel, you stayed with me since we were children. Back then we were just two girls playing with each other, even though I was born a boy. When people realized it wasn't a phase we weren't allowed to see each other anymore, but still we would find ways to be together. I learned to behave as a boy should, yet every time we were together I could be me, for you saw the real me.

    When I had to move, it was the worst time for me. Being a boy was something I got used to, but never being able to be me was tearing me apart. The letters we wrote were making it bearable.

    We grew older, you became a lovely young woman, and I started to resent my adolescent body, but with the years came a new freedom. I got my drivers license and an old car, and I could finally see you again. The friendship we had grew into love, and while the people around us thought it was cute for us to fall in love after being childhood friends so long ago, you helped me on my path to transitioning. It is strange how people forget why the we were kept apart back then.

    Here we are, I left the part of me I never wanted behind, with you by my side our future looks bright. Some of our friends accept and love us for who we are, others need time, which is understandable, as we lived with my secret all of our lives, for them it came unexpected. I regret there are people who reject you, for being with me, but my spirit is flying because you still chose me.

    My lover, here we are, with me for the first time a complete woman.
    Again I give myself to you.<

    My second DIY is a continuation of a previous one:)

    > "Hush sweetie, I know this is scary, and I got carried away the last time we were together, you got spooked real good that time. I mean you no harm, I just want to give you a new experience. You took it well this time, becoming a girl, and I promise you I will change you back if you want to."
    "Hush sweetie, let me guide you through the pleasures your new body holds, before you make a decision... I'll be gentle...*kiss* tender... *kiss* loving...*kiss*"
    "Oooh..." <

  4. DIY,,,( Dee do you remember soap the 80s comedy ? I kind of based this one on the start of that when the announcer gives a recap of last weeks episode. so I hope this works.

    Previously on Barkley Drive.
    In lasts week episode we saw Brad disguise himself as Brandi in order to trick his Ex girlfriend Lisa's new love
    Conrad into breaking up with her. Mean while Lisa has discovered Conrad has been cheating on her and has tricked him in to posing as her cousin Candice for revenge. But before Lisa could out and humiliate Conrad as Candice the three of them are invited on a study trip by professor Clinton who is also in love with Lisa and her two new friends. Stuck in the same hotel room Brandi and Candice have fallen in love believing the other to be a real woman, and Lisa has been fighting of the advances of Professor Clinton. Finally the Hotels receptionist Jan has discovered the plans and real identity's of all the strange guests and is looking to turn it to her advantage.
    Well Brandi and Candice first kiss be their last when their secret is out. well Lisa and Clinton make peace and well any of them have a choice when Jan's evil plan is revealed?
    Confused you won't be after todays Episode of Barkley Drive.

    Ha-ha Dee see if you can fit that lot in !

  5. Those aliens with plenty of integration of people into their technology. With that technology as a glow transforming people into their self image correct bodies. And that alters plenty of things because false persona is destroyed so the civilization other than the alien one is destroyed that fast.