Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Realities of Magic!

When reality and magic meet, could you really believe?

This was another one of those captions I made without anyone in mind, and the idea I had didn't really lead to me giving it to someone. In the past, I'd probably have just let it go and skipped to something else, but now that I have a blog .. why not flesh it out and see where it takes me?

I think it does raise a question as to how much suspension of disbelief we have in our everyday lives. When something doesn't make sense, do we just ignore in until we can forget, or do we try to use reason to quantify what forces are really in play. The transformation is fairly standard for a TG caption, and seems a bit commonplace. However, if you happened upon a fairly attractive woman in the male bathroom of a bar, would you believe her story that she was a man? Would you even let her tell you the story at all? Assuming she got THAT far, would you try to help her?

If I was 21 again, I'd have left her alone, figuring she was likely insane or on drugs, and head back to the bar to find someone more sober to pick up. However, by the time I was 23, I'd probably have stopped and chatted, etc ... since it doesn't seem like an average, ordinary situation to be in, and I was all about living varied and bizarre experiences. Its around that time I was friendly with a Dominatrix (not as a customer. I definitely couldn't afford her hourly fee!) some polygamous couples, many libertines, and lived a somewhat Eyes Wide Shut life for a bit over a year.

Once I hit my late 20's, I'd probably have tried to help this poor girl as best I could, since by then I was already with my current girlfriend, had almost full-time custody of my daughter, stopped drinking, and was in the mental health field. And of course, if I could've found out any of her secrets, I'd have passed them along to all of you!

So, let me know how you would have reacted to this scenario, and any comments about this caption will also be much appreciated since its a blog exclusive.


  1. Thought provoking cap Dee. I'd like to think that at any age I would have tried to help her, but I probably would have had a similar reaction when I was in my early 20s.... assume she's high or drunk and move on. If this happened now my first reaction would be to look for a hidden camera, wondering briefly if I was on some sort of Haven Hidden Camera show. THEN I would help her. :)

    1. Yeah,. These days, you'd have to wonder if Ashton Kutcher was in the next room laughing his ass off!

  2. Intriguing cap, and I can only make assumptions on how I would react, would I meet a girl in the male bathroom telling a weird story. I'd probably would listen to her, and I like to think I would help her, but honestly, that would depend on how the situation develops. If I was convinced she needs help I can't provide I'd probably call professional help.
    But like I said, I like to think I would help her, for all I know I just might walk away.