Thursday, February 20, 2014

Not Quite "Born on the Fourth of July" !!

But definitely "Made in the USA"!!!

I hadn't made a caption for Totalditz in quite some time, and and was thinking about trying to rectify that when I came across this picture and thought it was perfect for her. She likes to be changed into teenage girls and all the fluff that goes along with it. I looked at the shirt and thought, "what is more American than Apple Pie?" .. "definite the girl-next-door which was exactly what this young lady looked like to me, just innocence in denim shorts.

Since there has been a big debate, and many strides made, within the gay and lesbian community here in the USA over the last year or two, I wanted to reflect the changes that have been going on. It seems like a majority of people are now, at the very least, resolved to the fact that gay marriage WILL become a reality in the next few years, as the judicial system keeps striking down "marriage protection" laws that were passed to try to keep lesbians and gay men from "ruining society".

Anyway, there is a small contingent of people that still like to stir up the pot and picket weddings, funerals, and the like, and sometimes I wonder if they are actually FOR anything, as opposed to AGAINST everything. I use people like this often in my captions, and I have come to the conclusion that perhaps they don't DESERVE the right to be changed how I've changed them .. but the world would probably be changed for the better if I had that magic wand in my hand to do so.

Perhaps what we need is some sort of government program, to mentor these bigots and show the how people different fro their own "culture" can handle the diversity of real life. We just need a bunch of LGBT people to get involved with, "Adopt an Close-Minded Asshole" and at some point, each of these folk will be able to KNOW and UNDERSTAND on a personal level that for the most part, we all share common goals and concerns for our future on this planet.

End of Dee's social commentary for the evening .. now on to a poignant musical selection.


  1. In a weird way, this is extremely cute. Okay, the girl is cute, but not in a weird way. Your writing here is only weird for those not familiar with this genre, for me this is a cute story. But the combination...What can I say.

    It would be nice if everybody was open minded. Maybe then people would see that we are all staring at the same truth, just from a different angle, a different perspective. A truth to gigantic to comprehend for most people. And while some see that, even without seeing the whole truth, they know they only see part of it, while others refuse to see that they only see part of it, and only accept the part they see as the complete and only truth, thus corrupting it.
    Uhm... well... that's basically my life's philosophy.
    A government program to mentor bigots is actually a scary thought. What if they get corrupted?
    And to be honest, while the open minded people of the LGBT community are amongst the most open minded people I know, the sad truth is, even in our community there is bigotry. Towards other groups, and towards the diversity of groups within our community.
    But I like the thought of "Adopt an Close-Minded Asshole." I know they can become more open minded, when you start working from their perspective, with a lot of patience. You know you succeeded when they start thinking for themselves. Even if they still have a different point of view. Because it's not having the same point of view, but accepting the view of others.

    I never heard of Camper van Beethoven, but I like the song, They are on to something that might work.

  2. Cute cap Dee!

    I'm not sure I could support a "Adopt an Close-Minded Asshole" program. Just as I believe I and others should be allowed to think as we like and even act as we like so long as it's in a tolerant and respectful manner. If someone honestly thinks that certain activities or groups are immoral, then they should be allowed to think that way so long as they don't take action against said activities or groups.

    A fine example is gay marriage. If you believe that it's wrong, then fine... think it's wrong. Don't support your church allowing those marriages in it's halls. But don't push your agenda on everyone that disagrees with you.

    The closest personal example I can come up with is Abortion. I think abortion is just about one of the worst things a person can do. If I were a woman and pregnant I can't imagine choosing to abort my fetus even in a situation where continuing on with the pregnancy puts my health and life at risk. BUT I am also a vocal supporter of the pro-choice movement. Why? Because I don't think it's right for me to push my views onto other people. In a similar vein, I don't support the movement AGAINST people flying the confederate flag. No, I don't like the underlying racist feeling of the flag, but I don't think people should be banned from flying it.

    If every group is allowed to think and be who they are (in a respectful and tolerant manner), then EVERY group should be allowed to think how they want. This includes both the LGBT community and the Christian conservative community, Enacting laws that force your morals onto others is wrong. Picketing private affairs is wrong. Believing in what you believe in shouldn't ever be wrong.