Sunday, February 2, 2014

At Least She Let You Keep Your Junk! .. and DIY results!

Perhaps she'll go after the lawyers next!

Made this one for Leda over at the Haven and she would love to look like Sarina Valentina .. and if you were going to look like a she-male web model, who WOULDN'T want to look like Sarina? So I went wandering around the web looking for her pictures and that was certainly an interesting photo hunt through all sorts of corners of the internet! Unlike many of the other she-males out there, she has a much smaller package than most, and I wanted to work that into the humiliation that Tony's ex-wife was going to dish out.

All I really needed to do was wrap a plot around that humiliation and I thought it'd be good if I could find some motivation for her, above and beyond the standard evil ex-wife that does it just because she can. Otherwise, its so cliche and merely a rote, by the numbers feminization story. I don't mind reading them, and appreciate the Auntie series immensely, but it doesn't mean I should be WRITING captions like that. Perhaps this is exactly like that, but in my mind, I am giving it an extra layer that can often be missing in these sorts of captions.


Here are the results for the DIY caption challenge from 2 weeks ago.

The first one is from Ian, and I wonder if culturally we live on different sides of the world. I can't remember talking to a guy in the men's room, even friends. Socialization is really kept to a minimum here in the US. Women tend to be the chatty types, and quite a few ladies rooms have couches and chairs in them. I am also sure I've made at least one caption where I make fun of women going to the loo in groups so they can plot some dastardly deed against men. On that note, its still a pretty effective storyline for the supplied picture!

Helena decided to use the photo as sort of a stinger to the end of the story. I would imagine that walking into a certain sexed bathroom is a very ingrained thing to do as its been the place you go since you stopped wearing diapers! I'd guess you'd need quite a few hypnotic sessions to really rid yourself of that habit which was so entrenched.

We will have a new DIY challenge most likely on Wednesday I think. Guess it really depends on when I actually CREATE the caption setting with a picture of my choice! Any ideas on what you'd all like to see as a photo source for the challenge?


  1. Great humiliating cap Dee! I haven't paid much attention to Sarina Valentine in the past, but that will be changing now.

    I think both Ian and Helena hit the march with their stories. Both matched up perfectly with the photo, although I'm with you... the Men's room has been always been a silent no speaking zone!

    As for your next DIY... just an idea that popped into my head; What if you used a picture of a man. The authors could then either use the photo as a man talking to the transformed subject or even as a memory of what they used to look like. I'm not sure it would be great, but it would certainly be different!

  2. love your caption that's a keeper. I think you did add an extra twist at the end. I liked the DIY from Helena a very well thought out hypnosis cap. As for my own caption I was thinking more along the lines of a club restroom or football(soccer) with your mates and a bit of beer to loosen things up (back in the day when you were aloud to drink at the match) but you guys are right generally its face the wall in silence. but hey I've got a witch in there so I think I well claim creative licence.

  3. Sarina is a lovely girl, and believe it or not, I prefer pictures of her face. Even with all the lovely curves she has, I love her eyes. I really had to pull myself from looking into them, so I could read your fun cap.

    Ian did a great job too. Although most men here are too busy aiming at the artificial fly, somehow there are always men who feel the need to be heard. Strangely enough it are the more macho types who become chatty.

    And thank you all for the compliments on my entry.
    I got my idea because I often take a wrong turn if I visit one of my sisters directly after work. On one crossing I have to take a right to get to my own place, and a left to get to my sisters. I take a right, out of habit way to much.
    I guess Ivan Pavlov was right;)