Sunday, January 5, 2014

Don't Bet on the Toaster!

I am waiting for this one to make the rotation on the Game Show Network!

Finished watching the NFL Wild Card games on TV and popped online to see what was going on and figured, "why not try to make a caption?" It'd be nice to get ahead of the blog a bit so I wasn't scrambling for something to post. I am writing this up on Saturday night though I won't be posting until after the last game between the 49ers and Packers. Perhaps I'll have written a few more since I whipped up this post and then it'll be considered a very productive weekend!

I just glanced through my d'archives while not trying to force anything, but if an idea spring forth, I had Photoshop ready and waiting. I've had this picture saved for a month or two now, and had it pegged for Dylan/Dalene, one of the Havenettes that has been around as long as I have and is still producing captions, though its slowed a bit since his wife and he have adopted a little boy. Anyway, I love making captions for her so I try not to go too long without capping her.

It sparked a quick little question in me, namely, "who is smarter, the bimbo or the stuffed animals?" and right there I had my hook. The setting looked good enough to be a stage of a game show, and that is exactly how I wrote it up. I didn't want Dalene to be at too much of a disadvantage though against ALL THOSE STUFFIES, so I figured I would give her a partner .. and a toaster is a perfectly good appliance that does exactly what it was built to do, which is make toast! Bimbos also know exactly what they were built to do as well, so it was a perfect fit!

And Miley thought she was cool with dancing stuffed animals. Marilyn Manson was doing it when she was in preschool!


  1. Cool plot and I don't think that pic could get any more feminine.... I was a HUGE Marilyn Manson fan back in middle/high school when he was big!

  2. Love this story! if you get a chance check out my caption blog-