Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kate's got Damien All Figured Out .. Right?

Well, she caught your red handed on the other foot now, didn't she?

I was still thinking about Kate Southerland's preferences as I was wandering around the internet looking for some good pictures, when I came upon a trove of bimbo pictures. This one just fascinated me, and I thought up the idea on the spot of the clueless person thinking something much more elaborate was going on than the true reality. From there, she had mentioned Smitty in her preferences, and I thought about the whole Alpha male thing and how it usually works. As I wrote in the posting on Rachel's Haven:
Well, I wasn't planning on doing another caption for you so soon, but had your preferences in mind when I came across this picture. The plot came to me and then I wrapped it around a Dee version of a Smitty story (Alpha male changes a competitor) .. like a detective revealing all the clues that lead to the capture of the bad guy but with that Dee twist!
 Perhaps Curt was doing a bit of a Columbo routine but I don't really think so! I can't think of anything more fun than writing dialog and captions for Bimbo characters. If there are any captioners out there that feel burnt out or feel like they've lost their muse .. please try to write a bimbo caption and it will immediately make your day so much brighter and cheerful. Just by their very nature, they are fun-loving and bubbly beyond belief, and quite naive as they take everything they see at face value. What isn't there to like about a character with those traits?

Anyway, I think this is another one of those "Dee in a nutshell" types of captions people think of when they think of me, and its a niche I have no problems swimming around in. The last caption I am very proud of, and if you crossed that one and this caption, I think you have a pretty good Venn Diagram of where my captioning skills lay.

As I was writing this up, Kate replied to the caption. She had this to say!
My goodness, this is well constructed.  The image is so interesting!  And the text you came up with fits it wonderfully well.  I would stare at that reflection for hours too!

I think it's cute that she thinks it could be a VR screen.  I've very much enjoyed the VR caps I've read and toyed with the idea of doing a vr scenario if I can pull together the right caps for the series.
Was looking through my "mundane" email this morning, and saw this header from Amazon,

"Black Rubber Soft Silicone Skin" and wondered how much research they had been doing in my other personas! However, it was just an advertisement for an MP3 player that I bought awhile back. One certainly does get their hopes up just a tad though when they see that early in the morning!

Identity is the crisis can't you see?
Identity, identity.
When you look in the mirror do you see yourself?
Do you see yourself on the t.v. screen?
Do you see yourself in the magazine?
When you see yourself does it make you scream?

Identity is the crisis can't you see?
Identity, identity, Yeah!

Identity is the crisis can't you see?
Identity, identity.
When you look in the mirror do you smash it quick?
Do you take the glass and slash your wrists?
Did you do it for fame?
Did you do it in a fit?
Did you do it before you read about it.

I will be at the movies tomorrow night to see a simulcast of Rifftrax riffing "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" so don't expect another posting until Friday!


  1. Thanks for the advise on the bimbo caps Dee, I will keep a look out for good pics.

  2. a great caption.
    x ray spex 2.18 of joy

  3. ME! ME! I want to be next!