Sunday, December 22, 2013

Beauty Is Found Within .. You ... Beast!

Well, perhaps there's something there that wasn't there before.

Yeah, yeah. Hopefully you have figured out the subtle things that made this caption what it is exactly. Pretty vague but hopefully the image give you the idea it gave me, though honestly, the "if you could enlighten me, be my guest" is really what tied everything together .That line and the petals falling made me work the Disney angle, otherwise its more of a non-sequitur caption without a plot. I used Bradley as the male name as I just couldn't use Gaston as it would be much too obvious. Have to have a little mystery in our lives, don't we?

We went to a solstice party tonight, which was sort of weird since it was almost 50 degrees out during the day on what is supposed to be the shortest day of the year. These people put out a wondrous spread, and I'd have been even more full if I could eat most of the food they produced. I've been to catered events that haven't achieved the wondrous good eats set out for consumption. It was a great event for the stomach and a great one for the soul, as the GF and I don't get out nearly enough!

For a traditional Christmas song, I give you the best thing that Yoko Ono has been involved in:

And a really good version by the singer of The Used and some other famous punk/metal musicians.

This version I also highlighted last year with the caption, "So This Is Christmas, and What Have You Done?"  I find myself listening to it more than the original at this point, as perhaps its musically more my style. I think I've got a few more posts in me before Christmas so I've got more music to promote!


  1. Cute cap Dee! I probably wouldn't have gotten the reference except that I read Kyra's blog now and she has my Disney meter pegged at 10 all the time!

    As for the dueling versions of this song... oddly enough I still enjoy the original more. Normally I like music to sound fairly well produced. I often dislike 'live' versions. But in this case I really like the more haphazard recording of the original as opposed to the smooth professional feel of the redux.

  2. ok I didn't get it first time. mind you my Disney days are a long way behind me.a very clever caption

  3. Great cap. I always love a new take on a fairytale. That's why I especially liked the contest last June on the Haven.
    In many fairytales the characters didn't have a proper name, or a different name, until Walt gave his take on it. So you renaming a character is no big deal in my opinion, and if you would have called him Beau, it would still have been a dead giveaway.

    I still want to go to a solstice or equinox party sometime, but somehow I never get to it.
    Ah well, to quote John: "Another year over and a new one just begun."
    A great song, although I do hear John Lennon's version a little too much to fully appreciate it at this time of year, so hearing S.D.C.'s version is refreshing. I would have to play both of them in a few months time to be able to tell which version I like best.